Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 2, Bangkok Trip 2015

2nd day, initially wanted to visit the Bangkok Sealife Water World today but just found out that if bought the entrance ticket online there will be discount! So altered our itinerary today and guess what - it's shopping day!!! 

Early morning wake up to make up. 

Our hotel have the no-shoe-wearing-indoor policy so we have to lug our shoes to and from room. 

Today's look! My friend ask me why I love cats so much. Wait until she saw the bag I just bought hahaha. 

Sunglasses I bought as souvenir. I look so cool in it I don't wanna give away can? Hahaha greedy girl.

Had pretty late lunch due to shopping. Can't even felt the hunger walking around the mall. Only decided to eat when we passed by this restaurant called  Zaabver, which their banner attracted me "Best Crab Meat Fried Rice". It was quite decent, can really see crab meat slices. 80baht for that plate of fried rice, consider okay I guess.

All we really did today was shop - back hotel put our stuff - shop - back hotel - shop - back hotel. Unable to hold all the stuff we bought for a long period, kinda regret didn't brought a bigger bag or something. Spent so much on shopping today I was shocked. Let's just skip this taumatized shopping experience for now. Lol. 

Of course, other than shopping we didn't forget to stop and take some nice photos of each other. The weather was seriously hot I swear it must have reached 39 degree Celsius or something. Burning hot! Manage to find another route back to our hotel which is sheltered by tall building omg thanks universe for my perfect sense of direction hahaha. 

We headed to Pratunam night market to have our dinner. Of course I have to bring Freda to this Tom Yam stall which I tried last year. The uncle cooking Tom yam still look as enjoying as ever, singing and dancing while cooking Tom yam. And there's this Indian roti canai stall beside him that knows how to speak so many languages we were impressed! They made the perfect partner of street food business. 

Trying out this Facy mud sebum peeling mask I bought from 7-11. Haha. Some LOL moments. 

Our day ended perfectly with head-shoulder-foot massage which cost us 250baht each person. Can't find any 200baht foot massage/hour anymore. Boohoo. But it's okay, still cheaper than Malaysia and masseuse are way experienced than Malaysia ones too! 

That concludes our 2nd day of this Bangkok trip and we're heading to Bangkok Sealife Water World today!!! Yays!!! Stay tuned for Day 3 ;) 

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