Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 4, Bangkok Trip 2015

Day 4 considered our most adventurous day throughout our whole trip I guess. One of the bravest decision we made. Lol. 

But first, it's time for brunch as we woke up a tad bit late. Here starts another round of walk before we reach Siam Square One, where the café we wanted to go located at. 

Was a bit confused with the direction that the electronic directory gave. We can't find that café so that end up we have to ask staff from Too Cool For School and she told us it's one floor down. We are going to have our brunch at After You, one of Bangkok's must-go café. 

Seriously this café is super obvious if you come from another direction because it is facing the Main Street and right opposite Hello Kitty Café. After You is a Korean-ish interior café which serve super delicious desserts. Very modern vintage design, comfortable and relaxing, perfect rest spot for a hot sunny day. 

Staff will give you a table number right after you enter the shop and just proceed to the counter and order your food, then sit down and wait for your food to arrive. We ordered a Shibuya Honey Toast for sharing as I'm not a breakfast person and a drink of our own choice. 

Mochaccino 105Baht 

Royal Thai Milk Tea 85Baht (super sweet I trembled on my first sip)

Shibuya Honey Toast 175Baht 

This is the first time I had Shibuya Honey Toast and it is omfg super duper yummy! The warm and crunchy thick toast paired perfectly with fresh cut strawberries, cheese and vanilla ice creams, covered with honey, I will come back for this every time I come to Bangkok! Twin sharing on one Shibuya Honey Toast makes the best  portion as appetite are not too overwhelmed with dairies. 

And they are everywhere! Checked the nearest After You café located near your location next time! 

After yummilicious brunch, is time for another round of walk + public transportation to our next destination - Victory Monument. Before that, we stopped by at Siam Center look look see see before took BTS from Siam to Victory  Monument. 

Jurassic Expo located right outside the link between Siam Center and Siam Paragon. 

Why are we heading to Victory Monument? Because we want to visit MaeKlong Train Market and also Amphawa Floating Market. Did some research and also asked for friend's advice if it's worth going, some say yes some say no, but in the end we decided to step out and head to an adventure. Thank god for the guide I found online that we made it to Maeklong and Amphawa easily! 

Waiting for time to pass. 

• At Victory Monument, find Century The Movie Plaza, the mini van station to Maeklong located just behind the plaza. Ticket to Maeklong - 70Baht

• Hop on to mini van of your designated time and from Bangkok to Maeklong took about 1 hour. 

We reached Maeklong about 5pm, it was hot and stuffy. We followed the Maeklong Market road sign until we saw the cross section of railway then we followed the rail path and found the train market. Too bad the train market closed due to maintenance and only will reopen in November, so no train will pass by for the time being. 

Continue walk around Maeklong and took lots of photos. I bet it will be an awesome scenery to see train coming and sellers closing their umbrellas and all. Gonna come back again next year. 

Maeklong, such a beautiful place. 

After Maeklong, I look at the guide and try to find Songthaew(tuk-tuk-like-van) to Amphawa. Asked for directions and the Songthaew station was located in front of the 7-11. You can hop on to the Songthaew and wait for it to depart. From Maeklong to Amphawa costs us 8Baht per person. 

10 minutes ride and we're at Amphawa! 

Thanks to a grandma who can speak Chinese, she told us to get off the Songthaew if we were to go to the floating market. We followed her advice and found Amphawa Floating Market in no time and the place was amazingly stunning we keep taking photos and were totally mesmerised by the beauty of floating market! 

We even had our dinner right beside the river, indulging the finest experience at Amphawa with some fresh grilled seafood! What an extraordinary life experience. 

We only have so little time to stay at Amphawa, a little imperfection I guess. The last van from Amphawa to Bangkok depart at 8pm, so we have to leave the place around 7-ish. From Amphawa to Bangkok the fare is 80Baht, and arrival destination is Victory Monument. Right before we left Amphawa, found this postcard shop and we decided to post some postcards back to Malaysia. 

What a wonderful day it is for able to experience new life experience and also indulge in different culture and lifestyle of Thailand. Luckily we followed our guts and have the courage to step out from our comfort zone and decided to explore the unknown despite we knew nothing about the language, the place and directions. And also thanks to all the kind and friendly people of Thailand which pointed us the directions. A perfect day indeed! 

Definitely in love with Thailand more each day. Will come back again to Maeklong and Amphawa. Can't wait to relive the whole experience again! 


Glaiza said...

what camera do you use? i love the photos!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Hi Glaiza, am just using iPhone 5s for the photos.