Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 5, Bangkok Trip 2015

Totally spoilt for Day 5 as it marks the least walking distance of all days! Been taking bikes, BTS Sky Train and Uber X today. 

Bike ride from hotel to Siam Paragon 

Taking bike and tuk-tuk is one of the experience in Bangkok that you must try. Their driving skill seriously amazed us it's almost like the scene in Fast & Furious lol. We opt for bike ride in the morning because we're heading to Chatuchak in the afternoon and we wanna save more energy to walk the whole weekend market. 

Imma write all the cafés we went to today in different blog post so it doesn't get too lengthy, the itinerary for Day 5 was: 
• brunch at Mr. Jones' Orphanage 
• Chatuchak weekend market 
• meet up with Jean 
• Dinner & supper 
A very relaxing Sunday it is with not much schedule pack into one day. 

Will blog about Mr. Jones' Orphanage in another blog post, after brunch it is BTS time to Mo Chit station and yes! Chatuchak it is! 

Mandatory Chatuchak #ootd shot lol 

It was super hot that afternoon that we checked the weather report it stated 40 Celsius degree! Freaking 40!!! The hot weather kinda made me feel impatient to explore all the sections, just wanna get over with it! End up we walk under the shelter and lanes inside the sections, which made us stop by for this: 

Had Iced Latte with Vanilla syrup 59baht 

Freda fell in love with all the Thailand young designer stuff and she made a promise that she gonna come again next year and spend all her shopping fund here. Lol. 

Well I guess some people like Chatuchak more, I'm more to a Pratunam and Platinum Mall person. Haha. The only thing I felt worth to buy in Chatuchak ate those phone cases! They sell lower than 100baht and some in very pretty design! This trip alone I bought more than 5 phone cases! Wondering how am I gonna use them all. 

Anyway, it rained around 4pm and we rush back to BTS station and head back to Siam Paragon to see if we can meet Jean up. It is quite an amusing feeling to meet up with your Malaysia friend outside of Malaysia. Funny thing is we don't even meet up back in Setapak area seeing that we're all from the same area. Lol. 

Popcorn container which costs 325baht per set. Wow. Mind blowingly expensive. 

Café hopping night! 

We went to Nikko Café and 24Owls at Ekkamai Soi 12. Same thing I'm gonna separate those 2 café visit experience in different blog post. So yea. 

How you not selfie with these girls seriously. So funny! And I think I just link Freda and Jean together because they both share the same interest in writing, arts and craft. Haha. 

Our night concludes with an Uber X ride back hotel all thanks to Jean's Thai friend who made the booking for us. Ekkamai is tad bit far from Pratunam, I think I don't really know the way to go back to our hotel. Really thankful to Jean and her friend. 

And that concludes our Day 5, last day at Bangkok. Am on our way to Don Mueang airport as I'm typing this now. Just made a praying at Erawan Shrine this morning and I hope it will come true. Definitely gonna come back to Bangkok again next year for another round of shopping. I call Bangkok the Shopping Mekkah of mine. Haha 

Leaving Bangkok with overweight luggage gosh help!!! 

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