Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kamsao 28th Birthday @ Jeq In The House

You must be one hella super duper special friend in my life to make me rush over to your birthday gathering once I touch down at Malaysia from Bangkok. Brought Freda with me together that night for Kamsao's birthday gathering and it was a very cool gathering with fun and laughter.

After our dinner, we decided to go to a cake place nearby and Jeq In The House was our choice, recommended by Freda. 

Located not far from SS2 and the newly closed down SS2 Mall, Jeq In The House is one of the new vibe in PJ area. Same row as Strangers at 47 and just beside the police station of Seksyen 17, you gotta check this café out. 

And of course, there's one reason we chose this place as Kamsao's birthday celebration café, because they got these: 

Yummilicious cakes that are to die for!!! They are soft in texture, creamy, crunchy with nuts for the Macadamia Caramel Cheesecake, fully loaded with Mango goodness for the Mango Cheesecake and different layers of tastebuds experience for the Tiramisu cake, which apparently is the best seller in the house. So, Kamsao's birthday cake for sure is the Tiramisu one! 

Hahahahahahaha we laughed so hard when the waitress hand us the cake because of the drawn pig head on plate! How they know that Kamsao's nickname is a pig!!! Hahahaha omg we're really amazed by the click we felt through this drawing and I bet it recalls all Kamsao's primary school memory too when he still bear that cute nickname haha. 

Well, now he's a chef and no longer the silly piggy boy. Happy 28th my sis! XD 

So bad! Lol. 

He's obsessed with the idea of pregnancy, keep wanting to touch these two pretty mama pregnant belly. Lol. Pervert. 

Last but not least, it's group photo time!

Although it is not my birthday, but I felt the love of friendship with all these beautiful people. The saying is true, it really doesn't matter who come first and who come next, the most important is who comes to your life and never left. They are the people who choose to stay in my life and everyday I am thankful to the universe that I have these beautiful people in my life. 

They are the family that I choose. I love you all!!! 

Happy 28th Birthday my sis Kamsao! May all your wishes come true, faster get married, become a dad, have a bunch of beautiful kids and still be awesome as ever!!! 

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