Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wanderlust, Solaris Mont Kiara

It's been more than a week since I'm back from Bangkok and my schedules are still super packed these days due to work, events, meet ups and of course, the most wonderful news of all - my sis Peiyue just gave birth to the cutest baby in the world!!! So proud of her!!! 

Okay, let's not get too distracted by the happy news. So last week me and my friends had a meet up and decided to dine at Wanderlust located at Solaris Mont Kiara. 

Blue and white! So Santorini, so vacation-ish! 

Interior of Wanderlust: 

Makes me wanna go for another vacation again!!! 

Wanderlust has a unique menu which combines cuisines from everywhere and trying to give your taste bud the impact of east meet west. 

Deep fried beetroot paired with mayonnaise. This is the first time I see people deep fried beetroot! It has a special taste which those beetroot lover definitely will find interesting. 

Beetroot Smoothies 

Curry chicken in Chinese Gua Bao. Deep fried Gua Baos are so crispy, when paired with the spice oriented curry chicken, it gave us a different feeling when eating the Man Tou-like Gua Bao. 

Pan Seared Salmon with Egg Omelette. Homemade tomato paste with a block of egg omelette and a huge block of fresh, tasty salmon. 

Tiger Prawn with salted egg pasta. This is yum yum for people who like salted egg dishes, someone like me! This dish is one of my favourite of Wanderlust. 

We ordered 2 main dishes for sharing among 3 pax and we were full! Despite that our tummy running out of spaces, skipping dessert is a big No-No! Hence desserts time:

Sago with Espresso and Cream. I thought sago is only meant for mango and honeydew desserts, didn't know that when combined with espresso shot and milk cream, sago desserts can become so unique and tempting! 

Tiramisu with Guinness Stout. Did you say Guinness Stout? Hell sure for it! Another groundbreaking creation to the Italian's traditional desserts. Different layers different texture but together they have the most fantastic texture and taste together. Who would've thought that stout can go so well with Tiramisu's cream and espresso. 

I had one of the most satisfying dinner at Wanderlust that night and were introduced to all those fusion dishes that never crossed my mind. If you are looking for something exciting in your meal, Wanderlust is the place to go! 

For more information:

10, Jalan Solaris 4 
Solaris Mont Kiara 
Mont Kiara 
Kuala Lumpur 

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