Sunday, July 19, 2015

One Day trip to Venice of Perak

Manjung, also known as Venice of Perak, is a place beside Lumut and Sitiawan. Yesterday we went to these places for an impromptu one day trip, my first visit to Sitiawan and Manjung. 

First stop- Sitiawan's famous Cheong Cia Gong Pian. This place is full of Chinese that speaks FuZhou dialect, which I can't even understand a bit. Gong Pian has always been the spotlight of Sitiawan's famous food too. 

You can see long queue outside the shop, all waiting for fresh hot Gong Pian out of the oven. Each customer are allowed to buy 5 Gong Pian only. 

Watching the making of Gong Pian. 

Gong Pian. A mixture of flour and onions then bake until crispy. I'm not a big fan of onions so I don't really have much liking towards Gong Pian but my relatives they like it a lot. 

Another must try food of Sitiawan - Red Wine Mee Suah. The red coloured soup are made based on red glutinous rice hence the vibrant red colour, a lot of new mother eat this during their confinement period for its good benefit to body. 

Some lazy cat inside the old school restaurant 

After some food to fill our tummy, we continued ourjourney to Pasir Panjang, an area further down to the seaside where there's a famous Tua Pek Kong temple. It is almost like the Bukit Tinggi Tong Chan Si with all the beautiful gods and goddess statues around the temple, not to say the newly built Great Wall of China look alike gate and walls that's surrounded the temple. 

Huge Tua Pek Kong and Guan Im Ma goddesses in front of the temple. Extraordinary! 

Super hot weather we just can't stop drinking water. 

It is a very nice temple to visit, not to mention its crowd are kinda overwhelming too. Hard to find an empty table if were plan to have your meal at their food court, there are plenty of stalls for selections. You might be able to try a cup of weasel coffee at the main entrance of temple too! 

Next destination - Teluk Senangin. All of us never went to the place, decided to give it a try to see if their beach were clean. 

The beach looks quite okay but it was not a fully 100% sand beach, more like made by the mixture of sand and shell pieces that could easily hurt your feet if you were not aware. Plus we heard from a policeman that there were robbery cases by the Pirates two days ago at the same beach, so the policeman told us to watch out and don't stay at Teluk Senangin too late. It does feel super creepy after his warning so we left early. Head to the next destination which is Manjung, Lumut, and the newly constructed Marina Island Jetty Complex.

It is also my first time see the island of Pangkor! It does seems such a nice place to go, definitely will opt for a Pangkor Island short stay after I knew there's such a pretty jetty complex which also made taking ferry to and back Pangkor Islands easy. 

Overall it was quite a satisfying day, lots of sweat and fun exploring new places I don't know of. Definitely will go back again for Gong Pian and also Pangkor Island visit. 

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