Friday, August 21, 2015

How To Achieve Modelesque Skin

Since high school, my combination oily skin have been giving me all the confusion I don't need when it comes to skin care and cleansing routine. In order to control my oily skin and yet doesn't dry out other skin areas, I tried so many skin care products to date. Some made my face oily like a frying pan smeared with oil some dries out my skin and prompt to more breakouts. T_T

As time goes by, I get to attend more events and got more modeling jobs, and skin care plays a vital part in model's clear skin which you have to be presentable anytime, anywhere. Yes, walking on runways may seem easy for some, but behind-the-scene is where all the hard works are. With all the makeups covering my face almost everyday of the week, it is super hard to get clear skin at some days (especially before menstrual cycle!)

These are my makeup essentials on days when I did makeup on my own

Here are some looks I did whenever I go for my fittings, events, interviews etc. Nowadays, interviewers prefer light makeup, means light smokey eyes without any fake lashes or heavy coverage foundation.

Makeup for fitting

Makeup for outings

Makeup for shoots

Day makeup

Night makeup or special occasions

On some days, I feel lazy when I reach home late at night. Lazy to bath, lazy to remove layers and layers of makeup. I wanna just head to my bed and sleep. Complicated skincare routines does make me feel more exhausted sometimes I just can't!!! I just want something simple like 1-2-3 and that's it, fresh clean skin for the night!

Is there skin care products that goes 1-2-3 and gaodim!!!

3 steps skincare routine? Of course!

Clean & Clear 1-2-3 skincare!

I bet most of Malaysian girls who born from the 80s used this! I really love how easy the skincare routine is for lazy girls like me. There's this saying: No ugly girls in this world but lazy girls. True that! No matter how lazy you are, you just have to clean your face day and night, and with Clean & Clear's easy 3 steps skincare routine, lazy girls like me can still achieve modelesque skin! 

First step- Essential Foaming Facial Wash

Wet your palm and lather the foaming facial wash till bubbles all over your hand

Cover your face with all the bubbles and slowly rub in upwards circular motion, then rinse it off

2nd Step - Essentials Oil Control Toner

There said apply on facial cotton then pat on your face but I'm lazy I directly pour into my palm and gently pat on face.

pat gently over your face till fully absorb

One thing I like about this toner is its refreshing scent and lightweight water that let my skin absorbs so fast and feels supple at the same time. It works deep in pores, control oil and also prevent pimples and formation of blackheads. 

Last step - Essentials Moisturizer

My pea size is bigger than yours hahaha because I have bigger face

Apply the moisturizer all over your face

don't forget to moisturized your neck area as well!

This lightweight moisturizer moisturizes my face without leaving any greasiness on skin and same as the toner, it absorbs quickly into my skin and after these 3 simple steps of skin care, my skin feels refreshed, clean and moisturized! Super easy to get modelesque skin right? You just have to do it everyday, simple 3 steps, and you'll have clean and clear skin in no time!

Thank you so much Clean & Clear for creating products as simple as 1-2-3 for girls like me!

Get your Clean & Clear regime kit (easy to travel anywhere with!) with RM5 discount off when you play Clean & Clear's Facebook game and get a discount voucher from it! Great way to start caring your skin and look modelesque anytime anywhere!

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