Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Owls Cafe, Bukit Jalil

Seriously, I think I have no fate with The Owls Cafe of Bukit Jalil, I've been planning my visit to this cafe for a few times but it never happened until one day recently I purposely accompany Jean to run her errands then finally had our brunch there! Like FINALLY!!!

Located at unit upstairs, you may not notice if you didn't look close enough

There was once that I reached the cafe at 6:30p.m. with my besties but they already did last call and kitchen was closed! Super upset as Bukit Jalil located quite far from my place, by thinking of making a visit purposely to this cafe kinda make me shivers due to all the traffic jams I have to go through. So be sure to check out their business hours as it's kinda odd they only open until 7pm on Tuesdays-Thursdays and also Sundays.

I think we reached the cafe around 11:30a.m. but there are super long queue already! Can't believe how the hype hasn't die down yet for this cafe and there's still such long queue on weekends. We waited for about 15 minutes only manage to get an empty table.

Help yourself some lemon-mint water while waiting for your seat

No.8, auspicious number

The Owls Cafe is a self-service cafe. After you found yourself a table, read the menu and decide what you gonna order then proceed to the counter to place your order. They don't accept credit card at the moment, so cash only transaction.

Special Iced Chocolate, RM13
Taste normal, just with a scoop of ice cream. 

The Hot Chick, RM12
Jean's choice of beverage, didn't try this drink tho as I don't feel like drinking something gassy in the morning
Okay la brunch not really morning already isn't hahaha.

I've been hearing all those who've been to The Owls Cafe told me bout how awesome their waffles are. I've been craving for awesome waffles for some time, ever since I was spoilt by the awesome honey toast from Bangkok's After You, there aren't any waffles/toast that can satisfy my spoilt appetite yet! So let's see if The Owls Cafe is the place that I've been searching for.

Sally Salmon, RM24

Okay it may sounds a bit unfair to just "judge" a cafe if it's worthy to visit by just one waffle, but I wasn't looking for anything sweet that morning and so does Jean, plus not really a breakfast person so I guess one waffle is enough for two! And sorry to say, Sally Salmon kinda let me down. :( With all those positive comments that I heard from friends, I kinda expect something better from them. Okay la, really a tad bit unfair I think I will make another visit to try their desserts before I deem they don't worth my time travel all the way from Setapak to Bukit Jalil.

Talked about Sally Salmon, it is kinda like not hot enough in my opinion. I swear we didn't snap photos until the food turn cold, just 2 photos and that's it. The waffle is kinda cold and hard to my liking, salmon wise is okay. Weird thing is their scramble eggs tasted kinda cold too, as if the dish were just warm when serve, not "hot" kinda temperature.

Maybe their dessert will be nice? Gotta give them another try then.

Tea which I forgot how much it is
Prepared in an owl teapot and cups, cute!

Not a big fan of owls, but the owls here are quite cute, spotted owls literally everywhere! Even on floor tiles, on tables, at the counter areas, shelves, like everywhere!!! Owl fans really have to come visit this cafe you'll burst into happiness surrounded by owls.

We had a lot of time to spend before Jean's next appointment, so we do what Notebook lovers do best when we visit a cafe - drawing!

Simply draw something on my notebook because not in the mood to update anything yet!

Licking ice cream off straw like a kid. lol 

Ending this post off with Jean's pretty photo

If you wanted to visit The Owls Cafe, better head there early in the morning as the early bird gets all the worm yea! Or else you'll have to queue for like.......

For more information:

The Owls Cafe Facebook

Address: Jalan Jalil Jaya 6, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Phone:+60 3-9543 9828

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Modern Muse Chic by Estēe Lauder

In my younger days, I'm always doubting myself in whatever I do. Is it right? Is it wrong? What would people say/think about me if I'm doing this? What should I do to make others feel happy? Tons of doubting questions like this going on in my mind, confused myself and of course, things doesn't go well. But you know, good life story always start with something awful, just like all those you've heard from history and so, and that's what makes me the ME I am, and yours makes you!

What inspired Estēe Lauder to launch Modern Muse Chic then? It is the "Be Inspired. Be Bold" kind of attitude that Estēe Lauder want the lady that uses Modern Muse Chic to own. In current judgemental world, it is extremely hard to be yourself. What reminds me of being myself these days? The scent of Modern Muse Chic!

Thank you Estēe Lauder and Butterfly Malaysia, I was among of the few bloggers that got invited to Modern Muse Chic private sharing session where we get up-close and personal with the perfume and discover another side of ourselves. The unique scent of Modern Muse Chic isn't the "Love at first smell" kind but day by day after using, it started to grow on me and now I guess the scent is becoming part of me that I wanted to show to the world. 

Shivani exploring the scent of Modern Muse Chic

A special combination of sparkling florals and smooth woods, Modern Muse Chic shows its unique and independent fragrance on each individual, differently. Its rich and complex notes totally compliments a bold, modern urban chic lifestyle lady which is like you and me. Notes made of floral accord, ebony woods accord, Jasmine Sambac China Absolute, Tuberose, Suede Musk and Patchouli, its striking scent kinda represents my personality - daring, adventurous and bold. One amusing fact is that not everyone get the same scent. As mine appears to a more woody scent, Arisa and Shivani ones appear to be more Jasmine, floral type of scent. Isn't it interesting? I guess Modern Muse Chic kinda reveals the inner me to the world through its complexity of scent.

Aside of smelling great that night, me and the fellow bloggers get to enjoy a makeover at the Esteēe Lauder counter to become one true blue Modern Muse Chic!

Got my makeup done by sweet Erma who is very patiently answering all my questions bout makeup style of Estēe Lauder

Smoothing out my unruly bleached hair 

Then had tons of fun at photobooth!

How's this Modern Muse Chic for ya!

Gone crazy in front of photobooth trying out all the props and style they've prepared for us. Still like leather jacket rocker style best! It was a fun night for us girls trying out different styles and be ourselves at the same time. I guess we're all more comfortable that night laughing chilling at the lounge area due to the "aromatherapy" of Modern Muse Chic scent! It definitely bring out the bold and daring side of us in front of photobooth that night! Hahahaha.

Of course, girls can't live without ice cream!
Eat like nobody's watching! Now that's daring. 

Drop by at Estēe Lauder counter and find out which scent you got when you try on Modern Muse Chic. I've grow fonder towards the smooth woody scent of mine, it represents my feelings my mood. Find out yours today!

For more information:

Estēe Lauder Malaysia Facebook Page

Estēe Lauder Official Website

Retail price for Modern Muse Chic:
RM212 (30ml), RM307 (50ml), RM445 (100ml)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

GUINNESS x Malaysia = Celebrating 50 Years Together

In order to celebrate the milestone of 50 years of brewing GUINNESS in Malaysia, three limited-edition designs for the Foreign Extra Stout bottles and cans has been launched at Intermark Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysians favourite black brew - GUINNESS has involved 5 creative individuals of Malaysians to create this Malaysia's Limited-Editions GUINNESS bottles and cans designs, which expresses the concept of history, identity and culture of Malaysians and GUINNESS's relationship throughout these 50 years. The designs are formed by musician Edwin Raj (frontman of local band They Will Kill Us All), artist Donal Abraham, film director James Lee, graphic artist Lefty (Julian Kam) and photographer Vincent Paul Yong

Am glad that I could be part of the launch event with all my friends to witness the birth of these limited-edition designs of GUINNESS bottles and cans and also celebrate the 50 years milestone and still remain as Malaysians favourite and best-selling stout in the country.

#GirlSquad Game Strong

Dresscode of the night was Stylishly Black, and what greeted us after the reception counter were these:

GUINNESS in different era
All the way back when the first locally-brewed GUINNESS was born till today.

Apparently my favourite era will be this!
Such a cool place to have GUINNESS with your friends

So let's start the night with GUINNESS black brew shall we?

Unlimited supply of GUINNESS black brew for all the guests that night

Look at the crowd, all chilling 

House Specialty - GUINNESS x Flavoured Ice Cream

Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) - Bruce Dallas 

"For the first time, we've created brand new limited-edition designs specifically for one country, drawing inspiration from its culture and its people. GUINNESS has a long and storied relationship with Malaysia, so it's particularly please to be able to launch this world-first here." said Bruce Dallas. 

3 Limited-Editions Designs unveiled!
Feeling proud to be Malaysian 

These 3 collectable limited-edition designs will be available on all bottles (325ml and 640ml) and cans (320ml) of GUINNESS Foreign Extra Stout sold in Malaysia from now till November 2015, while stock last.

After a few cups, more selfie!

For more information, visit GUINNESS Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/guinnessmalaysia or search for the #GUINNESSMY50.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

KOSÉ SkinTech 2015: The Future of Skincare

It was an honour to be invited to KOSÉ's SkinTech 2015 organized by KOSÉ Corporation and it was held at the beautiful Majestic Hotel last month. Media and guests who attended the seminar had a glimpse of how the future skincare would look like and also I've learned so many during the events and have more understanding towards KOSÉ Corporation products. It was really a fun and informative experience at the SkinTech 2015.

First, Cosme Decorté is now officially known as DECORTÉ. There are so many star products that make girls who are into beauty and skincare screaming and begging for more by DECORTÉ and yet they released another new product which known as Liposome Treatment Liquid and do you know who's the spokesperson? 

None other than the queen of modeling - Kate Moss!

The all-time-supermodel Kate Moss is using Liposome Treatment Liquid too! This treatment liquid had a development period that was more than 10 years, can you believe that? And also, its lotion type is easy to spread on skin and absorb into stratum corneum (outer layer of epidermis layer) to maintain skin's softness and clarity, and also ensure permeability and also long-term stability of skin to prolong ageing period. 

Its bubble-like Activating Phospholipid has brightening effect and is high in ability to penetrate into skin, making even the deeper layer of your skin are able to absorb and implanted by the goodness of Liposome Treatment Liquid. One of the main factor of ageing is that our skin loses its holding power of moistrurization, this is why Liposome Liquid Treatment was invented - to enhance moisture holding capacity and also enhancing skin's clarity. By one month usage, some users can see significant result. 

It is indeed a beauty evolution presented by DECORTÉ. 

Beauty Evolution

During SkinTech 2015, I was introduced by a new term - Kojic Acid Technology. Japanese gourmet and culture like me love rice wine, soy sauce and miso (fermented bean paste) but little did I know that all these are added with Koji. Koji is a specific type of mould spore that often occurs on steamed rice which forms the Kojic Acid, the latest star ingredients in few of KOSÉ's whitening skincare series which were also introduced during SkinTech 2015.

Cosme Decorté's Whitelogist Mix

INFINITY KOSÉ Realizing White XX Series

Both whitening skincare series contains Kojic Acid which was discovered by the Japanese in year 1907. A research on Kojic Acid was carried out on its whitening effects after observed that the hands of miso and rice wine makers appeared to be fair and bright and finally in year 1988, Kojic Acid was approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as legal whitening agent that can be used in cosmetics and beauty products. 

KOSÉ's unique fermentation using bio-technology method is able to obtain 100% pure Kojic Acid, and its naturally-sourced substance has smaller molecules compare to general whitening agents, and therefore products that are developed using this bio-technology has more effective skin-penetrating results too. 

You know things are serious when you see arrangements like this

First time listening to a live translation!

Dr. Noboru Naito, the Executive Director and Director of Research & Development Division in Kose Corporation gave us a thorough explanation of DECORTÉ's Liposome Treatment Liquid. While Dr. Akinobu Hayashi, the General Manager, Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories in KOSÉ Corporation lead us through his research of Kojic Acid. I am amazed by all the efforts and hardwork research they've done in the field of beauty and skincare technology that resulted in one bottle full of goodness for the benefits of users. Their passion in searching for a more innovative and advanced technology in skincare and beauty industries has benefit many of the women globally. Can never thank enough to all these pioneers that has made retaining beauty in life easier than it was before.

By creating the world's skincare essence in year 1975, then world's first powder foundation in 1976, four research facilities that are dedicated into innovating cosmetic culture, KOSÉ Corporation has indirectly improved lives of many women out there. Available in 17 countries worldwide and adding, with top-notch service and luxurious designs of products, KOSÉ Corporation has already conquer the future of skincare and will always forefront in changing and leading the game of skincare and beauty industry.

For more information:

KOSÉ Malaysia Official Website

DECORTÉ Malaysia Official Facebook Page

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Savvy Spa Pedicure, Apronbay Bangsar

How do I de-stress myself? Some may even ask: you got stress meh? LOL Of course I have! I'm human too right???  Stuck in traffic jam, rushing here and there, worrying bout issues in life, although I may look happy on the outside but I definitely needed something to cheer me up and lead me back on track. So I've decided to have a pampering pedicure session at Apronbay located at Bangsar. 

Greeted by smiley faces of Apronbay prompts a good start of a pampering session. Ashley, owner of Apronbay has the warmest smile on her face whenever you visit, she comes over and we had some small chat bout this and that, making my single-pedicure-session more enjoyable.

Yays to steaming hot tea on the week you can't have anything cold
They serve fizzy orange juice too which I love! 

Tools and stuff

Time to remove my previous nail colour

I had my pedi done previously at Apronbay too and Ashley was super amazed that they are still in a super good condition! I must say they have very quality service which my pedicure lasted for 2 months+ and still looking good! While the lady was removing my pedicure, Ashley stood there and ask bout my desired pedicure style. We discussed in details like the colours, shape, designs etc, she gave me advices and suggestions to make sure I have something that I want and yet looks good on toe nails. After we came to a decision, it's time for some awesome pampering pedicure session.


Life can't be more chillax than this: sipping tea while getting pedicure done!

Warm soak

After soak, here's to scrub off all calluses I have on my feet!

Followed by luminating scrub

then rejuvenating mask were applied 

and wrap it up!

Looking at all the photos I felt like my legs are being prep before cooking into a dish hahahaha. The lady takes treating my leg very seriously like prepping a five star cuisine. I love how serious she is, that means my legs and nails were taken seriously and I can't wait to see the end result!

Continue back to the process of The Savvy Spa Pedicure:

Nail prep

Cutting off excessive cuticles, the part I'm afraid most!

I've had bad manicure and pedicure experience when inexperience manicurist cut those cuticles off my nail bed areas and were way too deep! Sometimes there's even blood after those manicurist finished with cuticles nipper session. And I can't express how pain it is to have injured nail folds soak into water or when applying cuticle oil. Thank god Apronbay manicurist is so well-trained, there are not even slightest of tingling pain during my pedicure session this time. Yays! *continue sips hot tea lol*

My favourite part of all - massage

And did I tell you that The Savvy Spa Pedicure package comes with a rich and blissful leg massage with Au-Naturale Safari Rose oil? If there's a climax in a pedicure session like how movies do, I guess I'll label this massage as the climax! *makes me missing those awesome massage in Bangkok even more!*

After a session of relaxing foot massage, here comes applying lacquer on my toe nails.

Base oil

Drawing the reverse french design that I request.

Blow drying

I've done silver glitter nails at few places but none of them let my nails shine as much as Apronbay did! The layers they applied on my nails, and also making sure they cover each and ever mm of nails in glitters, the details in applying nail colours and drawing the design is awesome. They really won my heart over with all these five star service they gave to their customer!

Here's the manicure and pedicure package list

Ashley told me that their Royal Repair Feet Treatment is the best seller as customers are able to see the difference immediately after the treatment. A perfect solution if you have serious calluses problem on your feet. Try it and see the difference by yourself!

I love my toe nails to the max!
Thank you Apronbay!

For more details about Apronbay:

Apronbay Official Website

Apronbay Official Facebook Page

Address: Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar Baru, 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +603 2287 8081