Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Owls Cafe, Bukit Jalil

Seriously, I think I have no fate with The Owls Cafe of Bukit Jalil, I've been planning my visit to this cafe for a few times but it never happened until one day recently I purposely accompany Jean to run her errands then finally had our brunch there! Like FINALLY!!!

Located at unit upstairs, you may not notice if you didn't look close enough

There was once that I reached the cafe at 6:30p.m. with my besties but they already did last call and kitchen was closed! Super upset as Bukit Jalil located quite far from my place, by thinking of making a visit purposely to this cafe kinda make me shivers due to all the traffic jams I have to go through. So be sure to check out their business hours as it's kinda odd they only open until 7pm on Tuesdays-Thursdays and also Sundays.

I think we reached the cafe around 11:30a.m. but there are super long queue already! Can't believe how the hype hasn't die down yet for this cafe and there's still such long queue on weekends. We waited for about 15 minutes only manage to get an empty table.

Help yourself some lemon-mint water while waiting for your seat

No.8, auspicious number

The Owls Cafe is a self-service cafe. After you found yourself a table, read the menu and decide what you gonna order then proceed to the counter to place your order. They don't accept credit card at the moment, so cash only transaction.

Special Iced Chocolate, RM13
Taste normal, just with a scoop of ice cream. 

The Hot Chick, RM12
Jean's choice of beverage, didn't try this drink tho as I don't feel like drinking something gassy in the morning
Okay la brunch not really morning already isn't hahaha.

I've been hearing all those who've been to The Owls Cafe told me bout how awesome their waffles are. I've been craving for awesome waffles for some time, ever since I was spoilt by the awesome honey toast from Bangkok's After You, there aren't any waffles/toast that can satisfy my spoilt appetite yet! So let's see if The Owls Cafe is the place that I've been searching for.

Sally Salmon, RM24

Okay it may sounds a bit unfair to just "judge" a cafe if it's worthy to visit by just one waffle, but I wasn't looking for anything sweet that morning and so does Jean, plus not really a breakfast person so I guess one waffle is enough for two! And sorry to say, Sally Salmon kinda let me down. :( With all those positive comments that I heard from friends, I kinda expect something better from them. Okay la, really a tad bit unfair I think I will make another visit to try their desserts before I deem they don't worth my time travel all the way from Setapak to Bukit Jalil.

Talked about Sally Salmon, it is kinda like not hot enough in my opinion. I swear we didn't snap photos until the food turn cold, just 2 photos and that's it. The waffle is kinda cold and hard to my liking, salmon wise is okay. Weird thing is their scramble eggs tasted kinda cold too, as if the dish were just warm when serve, not "hot" kinda temperature.

Maybe their dessert will be nice? Gotta give them another try then.

Tea which I forgot how much it is
Prepared in an owl teapot and cups, cute!

Not a big fan of owls, but the owls here are quite cute, spotted owls literally everywhere! Even on floor tiles, on tables, at the counter areas, shelves, like everywhere!!! Owl fans really have to come visit this cafe you'll burst into happiness surrounded by owls.

We had a lot of time to spend before Jean's next appointment, so we do what Notebook lovers do best when we visit a cafe - drawing!

Simply draw something on my notebook because not in the mood to update anything yet!

Licking ice cream off straw like a kid. lol 

Ending this post off with Jean's pretty photo

If you wanted to visit The Owls Cafe, better head there early in the morning as the early bird gets all the worm yea! Or else you'll have to queue for like.......

For more information:

The Owls Cafe Facebook

Address: Jalan Jalil Jaya 6, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Phone:+60 3-9543 9828


Jean said...

In my post I said the waffles wasn't bad, simply because I like savory waffle instead of sweet one. Lol

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Jean: Hahaha we have very different taste in waffle.