Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate Launch and 10th Years Anniversary of Dermatologist Solutions

Kiehl's, founded by John Kiehl in year 1851 as just a single pharmacy at Third Avenue and East 13th Street, New York. Now they has more than 250 retails worldwide and more than 1000 sales point at high-end department stores, airport locations and independent stockists. 

All thanks to Kiehl's Malaysia, I've managed to join their launch of the all new Daily Reviving Concentrate and also their 10th year anniversary celebration of Kiehl's famous Dermatologist Solutions. The launch celebration took part at a wonderful studio located at Sunway Damansara, which is a perfect location for photo taking as well as feeling relax and wonderful on a weekday afternoon.

Look at the beautiful decoration

Kiehl's by Day
Kiehl's by Night

One of the interesting activities that were set-up guests who attended the launch celebration was to make our own aromatherapy bag with our preferred herbs and flowers. Me, Fatin and Lisa had so much fun deciding what to add into our aromatherapy bags as each ingredient had their own effect. I've made one Revive by Day aroma bag consists of Orange and Eucalyptus for some refreshing aroma, another Recover by Night aroma bag with rose buds, lavender and chamomile.

Had so much in mix & matching the ingredients in order to create the aroma that soothes me

Through this activity, guests learned that for Kiehl's products, their formulation are made with the finest naturally-derived ingredients such as lavender, calendula, vitamin-c from citruses, beech tree extract, rosa-arctica and many more. These are main ingredients for some of Kiehl's best selling products such as the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, Ultra Facial Moisturizer and many more. Now, they've releasing the all new Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate and I can't wait to see what ingredients are in that bottle of gold.

Excited for the Daily Reviving Concentrate Launch by a special guest all the way from NYC!

At the other side, there's pretty, tangy corner which were loaded by tons and tons of oranges because yes, it's the 10th year anniversary of dermatologist solutions. It's 10 years of powerful strength and powerful results which dermatologists from all over the world agreed to. The Dermatologist Solution range which consist of Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen are all "dermatologist favourite" and star products from the 10th anniversary range.

Kiehl's partnership with panel of dermatologists and scientific experts from Harvard, Columbia, Yale, University of Pennsylvania and Cedar-Sinai in forming this blockbuster range of dermatologist solutions range products are what advanced skincare users looking for. In celebrating the wonderful 10 years of powerful result memorable milestone, Kiehl's are launching 4 new innovative products this year which are:

  • Precision Lifting & Pore Tightening Concentrate
  • Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector
  • Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen
  • Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense Mineral Sunscreen

All the way from New York to Malaysia, Kiehl's Malaysia invited Cammie Cannella, global vice-president of development and education of Kiehl's attended the launch celebration at the venue to teach guests more information about the Daily Reviving Concentrate as well as Kiehl's take on producing natural goodness of botanical and essential oils and products. 

So glad to able meet Cammie in person
She's such a charming woman!

Kiehl's all new Daily Reviving Concentrate

Work as daytime skincare defense, this new Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate had everybody excited. It is a lightweight but rich-in-nutrient essential oil that helps awaken, revitalize and energized our dull and fatigued looking skin, helping our skin look 5 years younger after a long day. 

The perfect daytime regimen for Kiehl's users

Powered by natural ingredients such as Tamanu oil, sunflower oil and ginger root essential oil, Daily Reviving Concentrate has proven its result for daytime defense by letting users testing the products. 94% of users state they have smoother skin, 85% felt their skin appeared less dull and tired, 85% saw healthy radiance glow from their skin. If you're one of the late night owl like me who hate waking up in the morning in dull looking skin, this refreshing essential oil formula can help restore the glow and radiance in an instant!

Daily Reviving Concentrate had become a staple regime in my everyday skincare routine

Just a few drops in your palm and massage your entire face in an upward circular motion
Avoid eyes area tho.

Its refreshing ginger root essential oil does help soothe and refresh my mind too!
I love smelling the Daily Reviving Concentrate before applying it on my face.

Upward motion and you'll be looking good on the go!

Oily skin like mine always have the concern of whether oil-based products will worsen my skin conditions, but not for Daily Reviving Concentrate as it is so lightweight. With just a few massages on skin the 100% natural essential oils were fully absorbed into my skin, leaving my skin all prepped for moisturizer and makeups. I must say I am impressed! That's why it has become my staple skincare routine nowadays, can't look awake and refresh without Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate.

Mirror Selfie, look at the pretty picnic props prepared by Kiehl's Malaysia 

Had so much fun with my girls!

Me and my boyfriend
Scientically proven if you use Kiehl's you'll be "longer-lasting" than your spouse hahahahaha lame joke!

Anyway, do drop by at any Kiehl's store and try out the all new Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate and be amazed by what it can do to your skin as well as refreshing your mind! Thank you Kiehl's Malaysia for such a wonderful event, can't wait for the next one!

For more information:

Kiehl's Malaysia Official Website

Kiehl's Official Website

Kiehl's Malaysia Official Facebook Page

Friday, October 23, 2015

Shu Uemura X Maison Kitsune Limited Edition Holiday Collection Preview Party

What happens when east meet west, when fashion meets with makeup, when traditional meets with modernity, when French meets with Japanese? It became the cutest collaboration between Shu Uemura X Maison Kitsune for this upcoming holiday season! I'm so thankful for being invited to the preview party held at Opium, KL and my heart goes doki-doki(means sound of heart-beating in Japanese) as I'm heading towards the venue, literally can't wait to see the cute stuff between these two international brands!

Held at this awesome oriental themed venue called Opium, at Changkat Bukit Bintang

The venue fits so well to the theme of the night: "East meet West" and everybody was excited to see, to touch, to try out all the items that's available in this holiday collection. 

So French and Japanese at the same time, fits 100% to my liking!

If you don't know bout Maison Kitsune, it is the house of French clothing as well as music label founded by Gildas Loaëc in year 2002. This is the first time Maison Kitsune venture into beauty industry and in this limited-edition range, there will be 21 makeup items and 2 types of haircare oils, which is a major cultural crossover which has the best of both world in both beauty products as well as packaging design. Colliding with Shu Uemura's Japanese roots, this first beauty project of Paris-based French elegance brand is going to get major likes from beauty followers all over the world!

Dress and Kimono, Coffee with Green Tea
East meet west with cute and elegance at the same time

Play & Remix drawing pencils, pretty eyelashes

Haircare oils and even brushes! I want them all!!!

Beauty Remix Smokey Eye & Cheek Palette in Plum

Can I have all of these kirei kawaii stuff, s'il vous plait?

The venue was packed with local celebrities as well as famous bloggers, everybody was squeaking in excitement and keep saying "OMG I WANT THIS!" "OMG THAT'S SO CUTE!!!" to all the makeup items. Totally swoon over their cute packaging! Shu Uemura's team are being so kind to set up station and makeover team to apply makeup using the holiday collection for guests who would like to try out first hand!

I persuaded Drey into trying the collection seeing that she has a paler makeup than mine, and wow, the colours from the Lacque Sparklers and also Eye & Cheek palette really does sparks up her face and she's all prepped up and ready to have a fun night!

Super in love in their Lacque Sparklers

Highlight of the event was the makeup demonstration by Shu Uemura's Professional Makeup Artists Team that tries on different type of makeup using one color palette from the Shu Uemura X Maison Kitsune collection. It's such a fun thing to see how pro makeup artists work their thing in different ways to create different look using one color palette, it's inspiring and also encouraging for guests to try makeup styles different from their own.

3 different personalities, 3 different styles, 3 different looks
Using ONE Eye & Cheek color palette from the holiday collection

Simple and elegant look for Jane.

Day look, night look, and party look, all using one colour palette!

The night didn't end just like that. If you were following my Instagram, on that night there was performance from Froya and also spinning session by DJ Jane Chuck. Everybody was chatting away and also enjoying the great ambience of the event and location, snapping outfit photos is definitely a MUST!

My interpretation of East meet West dress code.

This limited-edition holiday collection of Shu Uemura X Maison Kitsune will land in all Shu Uemura stores from November onwards, definitely worth a splurge on buying those cute and useful makeup items that will always lift the corner of your lips and smile this holiday season!

Happy Holiday!

I'm running off with these cute foxes balloon as well as pretty Shu Uemura X Maison Kitsune holiday collection items!
Au revoir!

For more information:

Shu Uemura Malaysia Official Website

Shu Uemura Malaysia Official Facebook Page

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kiss Me by Isehan 10th Anniversary Celebration

Being a big fan of Japanese makeup stuff, it hits me when I realised that Kiss Me is going to celebrate their 10th anniversary this year! How time flies! We've been prettified by all those wonderful Kiss Me products for all these years, so a celebration is a must!!!

To celebrate Kiss Me 10th Anniversary, there was a roadshow held at Publika last week and a lot of exciting activities been going on that day, one of the highlight was the live makeup demonstration by a renowned Japanese makeup artist who has 25 years of makeup experience in Japan - Ms. Sayuri Igarashi, creating looks with Kiss Me products. 

Once step into this area, confirm go crazy with all the awesome deals that was on during the roadshow!

Pretty Freda and Cute Jean
They are the best companions to go events with!
Had so much fun at the Kiss Me Roadshow with these two crazy beauties lol.

Japanese makeup style is always one of my favourite because they always have their unique makeup style and trend that I will not hesitate to try on my face. I can still remember when Kiss Me first brought into Malaysia, I literally went crazy and went to Watsons and buy their famous mascara and eyeliner. Still can't believe they are 10 years established and still going strong, so many Japanese celebrities and artists are using their products everyday!

Timeline of Kiss Me products over these 10 years.

Customization booth

make-over station for those who never tried Kiss Me products before or newly launched Kiss Me products

So many of my friends are users of Kiss Me products, they've been asking me about the awesome deals at the roadshow, up to 15% discount of selected products and there are some money-can't-buy complimentary gifts from Kiss Me if the purchase hits certain amount. Me myself can't stop searching for good stuff and finally bought the heavy rotation eyebrow palette.

Makeup demonstration gonna start soon!
Can't wait to see Sayuri-san show us the latest Japanese makeup trend. 

Sayuri Igarashi-san!
She's so cute, cheerful and bubbly! Love her to bits!

It's been a wonderful makeup demonstration session where Sayuri-san would smile and joke with the model and audiences, making it a very enjoying atmosphere when doing the makeup, unlike some of us will frown and complaint how hard it is to apply makeup. I guess using Kiss Me makeup products will definitely lighten up the mood and because of its easy application and also pretty packaging!

Smiling face when apply makeup, have to remind myself about that in the future!

Face Color Palette

I'm a big fan of blusher! Definitely fell in love with this face color palette the first glance I saw Sayuri-san held it in her hand and apply it on the model's face. It combines blusher, highlight and shading in one palette, perfect for either beginner in makeup or professional use. The peachy pink colour is so nice when apply on asian skin tones, kinda made me feel like wanna own one too! Girls will never complaint for having too much makeup items in their stash. lol.

Perfect daily makeup look created in just short 15 minutes!

Right after the makeup demonstration ended, another two models were asked to be presented on stage to show the difference of makeup style that Japanese and Kiss Me's been creating these 10 years. From a very cute, kawaii look to big eyes red lips dolly look until year 2015, the natural makeup look that everyone's been trying so hard to achieve, are all achievable easily using Kiss Me makeup products.

You can see the difference easily, the different makeup trend in Japan throughout these 10 years, explained by Sayuri-san.

After seeing Sayuri-san create the natural makeup look, I feel like drawing makeup on face too but my makeup was a bit on the heavy side that day, so I decided to try Kiss Me products on my two friends who will never say no to me hahahahahahaha!

Happily posing with Kiss Me products, but didn't see what's coming after!
Test all the makeup on their faces!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!

They have very light makeup that day, so I tried apply some colours like darker eyeshadows, blusher, shading onto their makeup and it instantly light-up their face! Feels like they are ready to go out and conquer the world with their beauty! (Buay paiseh-ly praising oneself makeup skill hahahahaha). 


It was a really fun roadshow to be at, I've discovered so many new makeup items from Kiss Me that I would include in my next purchase, and also makeup tips given by Sayuri-san who is so kind answering all the makeup questions as well as input her own views in creating the perfect daily makeup look by using simple steps and Kiss Me products. Definitely have to give thanks to my friends who trust me enough that I won't be ruining their face that day with all the makeup stuff I tried on their face! Maybe this is what we call true friends HAHAHAHA!

Last but not least, thank you Kiss Me who gave me such a fun time at the roadshow!

Although the roadshow had ended on Sunday, but their awesome deals are still going strong! There's still 15-30% discounts for selected items of Kiss Me products when you purchase them at Watsons stores. Promotion period ends on November 2nd! Head over to Watsons now and stock up your favourite Kiss Me items!

For more information, do visit Kiss Me by Isehan Official Facebook Page.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

La Café Mémoire, TTDI

TTDI is such a good place for cafe hopping, and surprisingly good food from those cafe that I went with my friends too. Thanks for the intro by Freda, managed to try La Café Mémoire and I really love the environment and also the food of this cafe. If you see me visit that cafe more than once, there must be something I really love about that place, for this case, is the food!

Located at an upstair lot on a street that not much people passes by, is hard to spot La Café Mémoire from afar, hence I believe that most of their customers are attracted via viva voce of how good this cafe is, just like how we were first intro to.

Welcome to the The Cafe of Memory

Not really an attractive sight I know

Main element of the cafe? Wood of course!

If you have something for wood and d.i.y furniture, this cafe is definitely your style. Lead by the head chef Brian who had mastered his culinary skill in both desserts and main courses, alongside with his family, they are the one who running the café's business together hand in hand, I guess this kinda explains a lot the homely feeling surrounding the cafe itself.

Drooling over the desserts

Hand written menu on wall as decoration

I went there a few times, and everytime I left that place with a satisfying heart and tummy. Hence if you're looking for some Italian cuisine with good desserts, this place definitely able to fulfilled all your needs. 

First and foremost, gotta intro their coffee, which I didn't know it'll be served as pretty like this:

Caffe Alexander, RM13

This glass of wine-look-alike coffee which is a novelty drink of La Café Mémoire: double espresso, Bols Crème de Cacao Brown with hazelnut syrup, serve chilled. The first sip as if I had taken alcohol, the taste is strong but the more you drink it the more smooth it became and I find that I like this mixture of double espresso! Can pretend tipsy in the end hahaha. Definitely worth a try for coffee+alcohol lover.

Macam a bit tipsy dy right? Definitely not my blusher! Haha.

Smoked Salmon Salad

Mixed with fresh and crispy vegetables, this plate of smoked salmon salad satisfied my salmon cravings. With a hint of tangy saucing, this appetizer really opens up ones appetite and prepared for more yummy food following.

Mushroom Soup, RM10

Doesn't look like your usual mushroom soup as it is more creamier than norm, loaded with chunks of chinese mushrooms, shiitake, shimeji mushrooms, and oysters. This bowl of mushroom soup offered you a more oriental taste and yet paired with slices of artisanal bread, it is another perfect appetizer that I really love.

Escargot with Cheese Sauce, RM18

Forever succumbed to the word "cheese". Sautéed escargot with shimeji mushrooms served with butter herbs, cheese sauce and brioche bun. The bun is very good in soaking the sauce up, paired with escargots and shimeji mushroom, each spoonful is creamy and delicious. Order this for days that you're not feeling any main course and you'll have a filled tummy before you knew it.

Here comes the main course that I've tried. If you don't know, La Café Mémoire offers homemade fettuccine as a healthier choice when it comes to pasta selection. We tried both the spaghetti and homemade fettuccine and yes, homemade fettuccine definitely taste better.

Seafood Aglio Olio, RM15

Chicken Bolognese Handmade Fettuccine

Chose Aglio Olio and Bolognese for our pasta dishes that night due to the creamy mushroom soup which kinda refrain us from ordering more cream based food. These two pasta dishes doesn't really impressed me much but I've forgotten to take photo of the creamy bacon pasta during my 3rd visit which the pasta tasted heavenly! Me and Amanda were like OMG THIS IS SO DELICIOUS BUT WE AGREED TO SHARE HOW NOT ENOUGH kinda feeling. Lol. Order their creamy bacon pasta if you're big fan of creamy pasta like me!

Last but not least, desserts time. Before Chef Brian introduced main courses in La Café Mémoire, this cafe used to serve only coffee and desserts, hence you can tell how good and special their desserts are gonna be! First and foremost, the house specialty:

Nutty Bacon Sundae, RM11

I can never imagine ice creams with crispy bacon but Chef Brian did, and it's a big hit! With vanilla ice cream, calamansi ice cream, caramelised mixed nuts, finished off with caramel sauce and of course, crispy bacon strips! The marriage between savoury bacons, sweet vanilla, sourish calamansi and crunchy nuts, each bite brings you a new sensation! Make sure you mixed well of everything in a bite or else the calamansi ice cream is gonna leave you frowning in sour face at the end of the cup!

Chocolate Soufflé with Raspberry Sorbet, RM15

An à la minute handcrafted dessert, this chocolate soufflé is another perfect mixture of sweet and sour, hot and cold. Its fluffy baked hot Valrhona chocolate soufflé tasted soft from the inside, with raspberry sorbet dip into the middle of it, the taste of these two gonna let soufflé lovers floating to heaven.

Life can't be better when you have good drinks, good food, and good companions to dine with!

These crazy girls made my dining experience goes happy and crazy all the time!

For more information:

La Café Memoire

7A (1st floor), Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
6000 Kuala Lumpur

+6 03-7731 7574

La Café Mémoire Facebook Page

Breakfast served 9am - 11:30am
Lunch served 11:30 onwards
Dinner served 6pm - 10:30pm

Closed on Mondays