Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate Launch and 10th Years Anniversary of Dermatologist Solutions

Kiehl's, founded by John Kiehl in year 1851 as just a single pharmacy at Third Avenue and East 13th Street, New York. Now they has more than 250 retails worldwide and more than 1000 sales point at high-end department stores, airport locations and independent stockists. 

All thanks to Kiehl's Malaysia, I've managed to join their launch of the all new Daily Reviving Concentrate and also their 10th year anniversary celebration of Kiehl's famous Dermatologist Solutions. The launch celebration took part at a wonderful studio located at Sunway Damansara, which is a perfect location for photo taking as well as feeling relax and wonderful on a weekday afternoon.

Look at the beautiful decoration

Kiehl's by Day
Kiehl's by Night

One of the interesting activities that were set-up guests who attended the launch celebration was to make our own aromatherapy bag with our preferred herbs and flowers. Me, Fatin and Lisa had so much fun deciding what to add into our aromatherapy bags as each ingredient had their own effect. I've made one Revive by Day aroma bag consists of Orange and Eucalyptus for some refreshing aroma, another Recover by Night aroma bag with rose buds, lavender and chamomile.

Had so much in mix & matching the ingredients in order to create the aroma that soothes me

Through this activity, guests learned that for Kiehl's products, their formulation are made with the finest naturally-derived ingredients such as lavender, calendula, vitamin-c from citruses, beech tree extract, rosa-arctica and many more. These are main ingredients for some of Kiehl's best selling products such as the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, Ultra Facial Moisturizer and many more. Now, they've releasing the all new Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate and I can't wait to see what ingredients are in that bottle of gold.

Excited for the Daily Reviving Concentrate Launch by a special guest all the way from NYC!

At the other side, there's pretty, tangy corner which were loaded by tons and tons of oranges because yes, it's the 10th year anniversary of dermatologist solutions. It's 10 years of powerful strength and powerful results which dermatologists from all over the world agreed to. The Dermatologist Solution range which consist of Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen are all "dermatologist favourite" and star products from the 10th anniversary range.

Kiehl's partnership with panel of dermatologists and scientific experts from Harvard, Columbia, Yale, University of Pennsylvania and Cedar-Sinai in forming this blockbuster range of dermatologist solutions range products are what advanced skincare users looking for. In celebrating the wonderful 10 years of powerful result memorable milestone, Kiehl's are launching 4 new innovative products this year which are:

  • Precision Lifting & Pore Tightening Concentrate
  • Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector
  • Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen
  • Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense Mineral Sunscreen

All the way from New York to Malaysia, Kiehl's Malaysia invited Cammie Cannella, global vice-president of development and education of Kiehl's attended the launch celebration at the venue to teach guests more information about the Daily Reviving Concentrate as well as Kiehl's take on producing natural goodness of botanical and essential oils and products. 

So glad to able meet Cammie in person
She's such a charming woman!

Kiehl's all new Daily Reviving Concentrate

Work as daytime skincare defense, this new Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate had everybody excited. It is a lightweight but rich-in-nutrient essential oil that helps awaken, revitalize and energized our dull and fatigued looking skin, helping our skin look 5 years younger after a long day. 

The perfect daytime regimen for Kiehl's users

Powered by natural ingredients such as Tamanu oil, sunflower oil and ginger root essential oil, Daily Reviving Concentrate has proven its result for daytime defense by letting users testing the products. 94% of users state they have smoother skin, 85% felt their skin appeared less dull and tired, 85% saw healthy radiance glow from their skin. If you're one of the late night owl like me who hate waking up in the morning in dull looking skin, this refreshing essential oil formula can help restore the glow and radiance in an instant!

Daily Reviving Concentrate had become a staple regime in my everyday skincare routine

Just a few drops in your palm and massage your entire face in an upward circular motion
Avoid eyes area tho.

Its refreshing ginger root essential oil does help soothe and refresh my mind too!
I love smelling the Daily Reviving Concentrate before applying it on my face.

Upward motion and you'll be looking good on the go!

Oily skin like mine always have the concern of whether oil-based products will worsen my skin conditions, but not for Daily Reviving Concentrate as it is so lightweight. With just a few massages on skin the 100% natural essential oils were fully absorbed into my skin, leaving my skin all prepped for moisturizer and makeups. I must say I am impressed! That's why it has become my staple skincare routine nowadays, can't look awake and refresh without Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate.

Mirror Selfie, look at the pretty picnic props prepared by Kiehl's Malaysia 

Had so much fun with my girls!

Me and my boyfriend
Scientically proven if you use Kiehl's you'll be "longer-lasting" than your spouse hahahahaha lame joke!

Anyway, do drop by at any Kiehl's store and try out the all new Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate and be amazed by what it can do to your skin as well as refreshing your mind! Thank you Kiehl's Malaysia for such a wonderful event, can't wait for the next one!

For more information:

Kiehl's Malaysia Official Website

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