Sunday, December 27, 2015

Boxing Day

Not that I celebrate Christmas Day but I felt so loved by my family and friends recently. Probably it's the Christmas vibes. Probably it isn't but pure love and gratitude of each other existence in this world. The world has become scarier lately, but I'm thankful for having a bunch of people who loves me surrounding me and show me that they care. Thank you so much! I really love you all to the depth of my soul. 

Probably this isn't how Boxing Day works but to me boxing day means unboxing gifts. I've been placing these gifts from my friends and family until Boxing Day so I can unwrap the gifts and appreciate how much effort they give in choosing gifts for me. I know how hard it could be to choose gifts for someone. Sometimes I don't know what they lack of in life, I wanted to give them something that's useful, meaningful and shows my unconditional love to them. And I'm pretty sure they were the same. So here's all the wonderful gifts from my loved ones...

Cat head trinket tray from Freda

Hahahaha She knows I love cat and everything about cats. I could be fussy and picky when it comes to cat stuff too (she knows it) but yet this is one perfect cat head shaped trinket tray for all my knick knacks which I have no idea where to place them at. Thanks babe.

Monthly Planner from Jean
Which I modified them covers later on

Jean always gave me stuff when she shop on Taobao. She will buy extra pens and stuff and share it with me and Freda because we're the Planner Gang. lol. This Monthly Planner that she gave me, I kinda consider it as my Christmas present as she gave me like 1-2 weeks before Christmas. 

I was actually looking for Moleskine's Le Petit Prince planner as my planner for next year but sadly it was limited edition and there's no where to be found. Not even Kinokuniya. Until Jean gave me this blank cover monthly planner and I was like, why not I just modify the cover myself and make it into as if the Le Petit Prince edition. Thanks to my carelessness I kinda messed up the direction the first time I drew the cover hence the yinyang coloured cover. LOL. Thank you my woman! 

Star Wars UT from Peiyue

When I saw this T-Shirt I was like ASDFGHJK%^&*(@#$%^&*SDFGHJ!!!!!!! My loupozai bought me a Star Wars UT from Uniqlo! Okay~ Not like I know what designs there are but after a visit to Uniqlo the other day I can only say my loupozai knows my taste best! This is the nicest design and most of all it's in BLACK! One of my favourite colour!

It's weird, it's only recently I got hooked onto Star Wars, I'm not really considered a fan before but I really like The Force Awakens, and turned into a fan. LOL. I think my loupozai knows the changes in me and she bought me this T-Shirt. Hahahahaha that's why I say she knows me best.

Swarovski Stardust Pen from Elaine

This Christmas edition Stardust pen from Swarovski got me go OMG SO PRETTY when we're having our Christmas dinner at Johnny's Rocket. It is such a thoughtful gift from my little friend (she calls me little friend when she text me few years back lololol) as I'm the one always writing stuff in planner. 

Probably the only worry in me when I saw this pen that it is so pretty I'm scared my carelessness will turn it dull after few months usage. Thank god there's warranty and after-sales service so I hope I can maintain it as pretty as it is now even after few years usage. Definitely a great start alongside with my new planner for the new year! Thank you my love, my little friend. Haha. 

La Gourmet Thermal Tumbler from Celeste

In limited edition leopard prints some more! Can drink water in style already! LOLOLOLOL! When I got this tumbler I was like: How did Celeste know my new year resolution is to drink more water! Hahahahaha This came just in time for me to bring water with me whenever I go! Thank you my soon-to-married friend.

Eiffel Tower design bangle from my youngest brother

Seriously, I didn't realize he knew me so well that he bought me an Eiffel Tower-themed bangle and place it on my desk on Christmas Eve so that it feels like Santa paid me that night. So sweet isn't! Although this design is a bit too feminine to be on me, but it got everything I love on a jewelry - from the moon to eiffel tower to silver, I felt like a French Sailor Moon or some sort. Thank you brother! 

Customized bracelet from my younger brother

I bet he didn't plan to buy me any Christmas present until he heard that I bought him a T-Shirt so he bought me this during his outing with his girlfriend. Although I know it's not prepared earlier but still it's customized with my Initial and my horoscope! Major love. Thank you my brother who always helped me buy stuff and never say no when I ask him to!

Last but not least...

2016 Planner from myself!

Can't stop silly smiling when I'm typing this as if I'm trying to persuade myself that I'm not wasting money on unnecessary things, as some of my friends will always say I waste money on stuff that aren't useful. I'm pretty sure this planner is gonna be with me till the end of year 2016, so I deem this a good spending? 

Only few days left for year 2015, feeling sentimental out of sudden, probably because of all life events happened in this year have made me who am I now, probably because I'm an emotional bitch. lol. Anyway, will try to update more frequently in these few days, got so much idea what to blog about recently! Stay tuned!!! 

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