Sunday, December 13, 2015

LINE Disney Tsum Tsum: Star Wars Event Part 1

It's been awhile since I'm addicted to any games as I'm not a patient person, my attention span towards a game is just so short, that's why I don't do gaming nor watch drama episodes especially those that are 12 episodes and more. So no Hong Kong drama in my life unless they are super duper high rated ones!

But LINE Disney Tsum Tsum has been a real good one! Although I've been playing and stopping for from time to time but I never deleted the game from my phone. Ever since I knew the existence of the game I was like: I HAVE TO PLAY THIS!!! Well, it's hard to explain the connection I felt towards the game, not that I like Disney characters and all (my friends all know I'm a Rilakkuma fans but too bad it's not under Disney company) but the Tsums are too adorable not to play!

I've been through alot trying to play the game: borrow my brothers phone+tablet just so I can play the game, got scolded by my ex because I wanted to play the game on his phone or was into the game and not into etc etc... But I love it! (The game not the scoldings lol) This short 1 minute game really cheer me up in many occasions, I even recommend it to my friends! Hahaha Trying to build a Tsum Tsum cult here.

Although I hardly hear people here in Malaysia talk about Tsum Tsum anymore as the heat kinda died down, I'm back to the game recently and got hooked because:


Lol not like I'm a hardcore fan of Star Wars but to collect the Tsums and pins is a must for player!

4 Star Wars Character Tsums to be collect
I want them Tsums all!

Okay in case I didn't mention, I'm playing the Japanese version ones. It is more fun and they have more Tsums and events than the International/U.S version ones. It's a privilege to understand a bit of Japanese under circumstances like this huehuehuehue. If you wanna download the Japanese version one, you just have to change you AppStore to Japan region, down side of having one is whenever they need to update the app, you have to change your store to the said region.

So they are dividing the Star Wars event to 2 parts and I've just completed the first one!

It's like playing dice game
Accumulate points to clear stages in order to get C-3PO Tsum and Badge

I'm not sure about the International/U.S version one but Japan version have this badge thing to show off beside your name on the scoreboard, to indicate you've completed how many bingo cards/what event you've completed! So far I only have like 4... LOL. The previous badge I earn is complete the Halloween campaign! And I haven't complete Bingo cards yet. 

Throw dice, complete mission, earn points

If you play it with Star Wars Tsums there'll be bonus
But... I don't have any yet! T_T

During mission time, Storm Troopers will appear and interrupt
Destroy them with magical bomb and skills, and will be reward by coins!

Here's how the event looks like

When Storm Troopers trying to interrupt your mission

As you completed mission, the points will increased and there will be time that you're unable to clear off the mission due to its impossibleness of clearing it. So it's best to give up than die trying.

AND I GET A C-3PO Tsum after all Stage 1 mission!
Isn't it cute!!!

Area 2

Area 3

Last but not least: Star Wars Part 1 Badge!

Can't wait for them Part 2 to come and also the movie! Please wish me luck to get them 4 Star Wars Tsums! Need tons of luck for it as I keep getting Tsums that I have and skilled up only boohoo! And if you're playing LINE Disney Tsum Tsum Japan version, add me up in LINE! My LINE ID: reiko67! Have fun Tsumming away!

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