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Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro, Bandar Manjalara

When it comes to success, trial and error is what we often meet but consistency prevails in the end, and that is what Tester Laboratory Café been trying to tell to their customer. Establishing a cafe ain't easy nowadays, but building up a café that keeps trying new menu and improving their food taste and quality, it is something I must hat off to a job well done by the owners of Tester Laboratory Café.

Welcome to Tester Laboratory Café

This scientific-themed café located at the busy streets of Bandar Manjalara. With its 90% white interiors and furnitures, you probably will mistaken yourself as a scientist too! Thanks to Foodink, we are there to taste out the new menu of Tester Laboratory Café that's coming this month! 

Science lab-feel with some Christmasy touch

Since the owners are busy in the kitchen, we are entertained by this small lil fella exclusively bought by the owners from abroad to add on our exciting "food science" experiment:

Say Hello! to Mr. Microscope!

"Hello Sir/Madam, what shall I serve you today?"

We were being nicely served by Mr. Microscope that day and he brings out all the nice beverages and food to serve us till our tummy gonna explode. As a student although I didn't score high marks academically in Science, but I like to do experiments and see the chemical reactions of the mixed chemicals etc, and Tester Laboratory Café brings back all the good memories to me.

Green Apple Mojito, RM12

As you can see, Tester Laboratory Café got its cafe name not just by chance, but by the special "glassware" they used to served their drinks - laboratory glassware. Specially import from Europe countries, it does seem Tester Laboratory Café prepared their customers to a scientific food and drinks journey with sincerity.

"Your ice cube coffee is here master, shall I mixed and stir it for you?"
Ice Cube Coffee, RM15

Look at the Ice Cube Coffee served nicely on a metal tray and sugar syrup comes in syringe dose! I guess it is one of the brilliant way to serve sugar syrup in syringe so that you know how many ml of sugar you intake while enjoying your cup a coffee! 

"Green Tea Blended is here madam. Shall I test it on behalf of you madam?"
Green Tea Blended, RM14

"Oh madam, look! It's Chocolate Oreo Cookies Milk Shake and Mango Milk Shake!"
Chocolate Oreo Cookies Milk Shake - RM14
Mango Milk Shake - RM14

"Allow me to introduce to you our customer fav - Mix Berry Milk Shake!"
Mix Berry Milk Shake - RM14

"Nutella fans, here's the milk shake for you!"
Nutella Milk Shake - RM14

"This is our café new blend - Butterscotch Nut Milk Shake!"
Butterscotch Nut Milk Shake - RM14

I really love drinking milk shake and I seriously think that the milk shake being served in Tester Laboratory Café is totally on point! Milky, flavourful, not too sweet not too bland, smooth and the milk shake I love most is the new Butterscotch Nut Milk Shake! The mixture of butterscotch syrup with whipped cream and crunchiness of nuts that accompanies the taste of that jar of milk shake really takes you to heaven! I keep on drinking that milk shake I feel embarassed by how much I love it. Haha.

"How much dosage of sugar syrup would you like me to add madam?"
Tester Coffee, RM10.50

Here ends the long list of beverages that we tried on that day, and it's not even all! Tester Laboratory Café have a few pages of beverages for you to choose from, but their milk shakes are to die for! Serve in chemistry glassware, it really gives unique feelings to customers as if we're doing lab test. Especially when I added Butterscotch Nut Milk Shake into my Tester Coffee... Hahahahaha it was fun! But bear your own consequences ya!

After beverages, here comes the food we've been waiting for. We're lucky to be among the first to try out Tester Laboratory Café's new menu. If you're their regulars, do expect some changes of menu from time to time as Tester Laboratory Café are improving their food taste, quality and variety to satisfy their customers need all the time.

First, here comes appetizer:

Wild Mushroom Soup

Loaded with cream, chunky mushrooms and bread cubes, this bowl of wild mushroom soup gone in just a few seconds! It is satisfying to munch on crunchy bread cubes dipped with creamed smooth wild mushroom soup, I want a bowl of it right now!

Grill Tiger Prawn - new menu!

I can't take seafood as I'm allergic to it but I hear comments from those who tasted and say the prawns are fresh (which the owner told us that they bought fresh prawns from the morning market nearby) while I munch away the garden salads that served as side dish. They have this salad dressing which makes you want to eat more and more of the salad, what sorcery is this!

And here comes the mains:

Big Breakfast Thuringer - new menu

I wouldn't mind wakeup with a set of breakfast like this. Thuringer, which means mildly seasoned and smoked sausage, paired with bacons, sunny side up, toast, salad and mushroom, it is a perfect and well-balanced start of the day!

Big Breakfast Bratwurst - new menu

For those who can't eat a big set like Big Breakfast Thuringer, maybe Big Breakfast Bratwurst is something for you. With my favourite egg style - scrambled, Big Breakfast Bratwurst seems will be kids favourite too because of the bratwurst!

Secret Garden - new menu

The moment Secret Garden was served to the table, immediately it catches my eyes! Sunny side up on the toast garnished with chunks of olives and tomatoes, below the toast lies a bed of salad, it is my perfect type of toast! Me and Freda keep on munching on this!

Iberico Pork - new menu

Iberico Pork, which literally means Spanish Pork, is another new addition to Tester Laboratory Café's new menu. As one of the perfect parcel of protein that pork chop is, when it is paired with this iberian peninsular-inspired sauce which tasted sweet and sourish, it is one exotic dish from the café you ought to try!

Tester Hainan Pork Chop - RM14.50

I can't believe that this piece of pork chop used to be thick! It was smashed and compact into a thin layer to add more texture and still maintain all the essence of that block of meat. My jaw almost dropped onto the floor when I listen to steps that chef did to create this dish. All the hardwork just to deliver a different type of Hainan Pork Chop specially created by Tester Laboratory Café. One of the must try dish if you ask me.

"How about some Snow Ice Lemon as dessert madam?"

Such cooling and satisfying feeling after heavy meal! This Snow Ice Lemon really caught me by surprise not just it is smooth and soft like snow flakes that melts in your mouth, its tasteful lemon flavour really help to soothe my tastebuds and tummy after drinking all the milk shakes and protein intake. Feels like I can go for second round of food after this sour dessert that opens up my appetite again hahaha.

Crazy selfie time with this crazy girl

And did I tell you that Tester Laboratory Café is one of the hard-to-find-in-KL pet-friendly café! Woohoooooo!!!

Cute DaoDao that belongs to Bowie, one of the blogger that attends the food review on that day!

Instead of café, Tester Laboratory really go beyond the boundaries in order to deliver the best "laboratory" experience to their customers. From constantly improving their food menu to taste and quality, the café received many positive feedbacks from regulars and new customers. 

And with the imported authentic laboraty flasks, beaker, test-tubes and chemistry glassware, Tester Laboratory Café got to serve their customers with all these exquisite glassware that you can find nowhere in the vicinity of KL. I'm impressed by the extend the owner willing to go just to get all these glassware, the money and time they spent for customer's unique experience when visiting seriously touched me. 

Time to give this laboratory-themed café an "experiment test" don't you think so?

For more information:

Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro Official Facebook Page

Tester Laboratory Café & Bistro

Address: No. 48 Jalan 8/62A Bandar Manjalara Kepong, 55200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact no: 014-603 0638

Business Hours: Monday - Sunday 11.30am – 11.30pm

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