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We Are Suckers For Too Long

Christmas is near so is year 2016 and Chinese New Year, and what do people like to purchase most during holiday seasons like these? Cars. Your family is getting a new car for Chinese New Year, so does your friends or relatives, and we're all suckers for free stuff that the salesman throw in for us, convincing we're getting premium stuff that were actually, well, fake/cheap. But still, we take it, free is everything, discount is everything, but little do we know that it will bring us lotsa troubles later on. 

One of the most common cheap stuff given to us by salesman were window films, but little did we know, those were not good quality window films that requires a lot of maintenance later on. Some even may endangered your lives. How is it so? There'll be bubbles and lines popping up after some time, and light reflections from opposite lane cars may made it hard for you to see clearly while driving at night. Naive people like me may have think that how kind those salesman are who gives you all the free window films tinting, but little did I know it is all trying to close sales and earn commissions without giving a damn about the drivers and their comfortability plus safety.

Thanks to Ecotint, I've learned that not all window film business companies are trustworthy, of course quality wise too, some were using cheap films that may require reinstallation every once in a short while. Global warming and our country's weather do require quality window films like Ecotint's. For over 15 years, Ecotint and its company has established a reputable name when it comes to window films for cars, the company is one of the major window film converter, installer and importers for automotive and buildings all over South East Asia. 

Honesty is the ONLY policy to go long term in business

With all sorts of window film companies rise up in past few years, the market has been flooded with low tech and lousy performance window films for automotives and buildings. Ecotint has recently risen up with the hashtag #WeAreSuckersForTooLong, which is a mission statement to reminds consumers to not succumbed into current market's cheap and lousy window films, but be a smart consumer that choose for quality products and services that will not let you down. Ecotint committed into offer their customers premium quality products and services with a peace of mind and value for money. No fuss about after service!

Manufactured by Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co. Ltd in Japan, a public listed company in Tokyo Stocke Exchange and a world class company in advanced Nano-Technology which is founded in year 1907, Sumitomo's products offered the best SPF and PA++ UV Protection and heat protection with vary of thickness and visible light transmittance (VLT), which complies with local authorities approval such as JPJ and road usage rules and regulations. Ecotint users too need not to worry about the interference of electromagnetic signals or cause of any disruption to GPS or Smart Tags usage. It is only now I realized that cheap and lousy quality tints can caused much disturbance and troubles. Definitely gonna choose my car's window films wisely next time if I were to purchase a car.

Ecotint's Raybarrier Solar Series is the only window film in the world that provides consumers both SPF and PA++ UV Protection, not only does it keeps you cool, it also protects users from harmful UV rays like none other does. I didn't knew that there are so much to learn about when it comes to window films for cars and buildings, but thanks to Ecotint I've now learnt how to differentiate quality premium window films and choose what's best for me and my family. 

Mr. Daniel gave us such a wonderful presentation bout what we need to know about window films!

We're no longer suckers when it comes to window films yes?

And to my surprise, Ecotint not only care about consumers well being, but also society's. How does it so? It is through a number of charitable endeavour and a community build by Ecotint which is called KindnessInspired Community Outreach Program. If you happened to saw angels dressed in white walking around KL/PJ/Subang area giving out free food/drinks/coffee, they are from #KindnessInspired.

Hoping to reach out to those who are in need, and to those who are unnoticed at the bottom level of society hierarchy, Ecotint hope to inspire some changes towards these unfortunate bunch by inspiring more kindness from those who have more to give. From treating construction workers to public coffee giveaways to spreading cheer and gifts to old folk homes and orphanage, KindnessInspired Community Outreach Program has been really inspiring. Do pop by their page to see what's their latest charitable activity, giving is receiving!

Nonetheless, it was such a fun and knowledgable event host by none other than Ecotint. Thanks for being such honest towards your consumers and you definitely gained one potential customer here all thanks to your straightforward company policy.

For more information:

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