Sunday, January 31, 2016

I'm A Rich B*tch

It's hard not to feel so when you're facing such luxury in life it makes you question about yourself whether you deserve it or not. I'm not talking about anything else but about one of Korea's beauty big hit 24K Gold Wrapping Mask - Piolang.

Feeling luxurious like ancient Cleopatra already

There was rumour that Cleopatra have her face covered in pure gold mask every night in order to maintain her looks be forever youthful because back then, she already knew that this precious mineral contains anti-aging properties which can boost skin's elasticity and also slow down skin's aging process. 

Piolang's 24K Gold Wrapping Mask does resemble the gold mask Cleopatra used in ancient times, hence the logo was Egyptian-themed. This Gold Wrapping Mask that contains 500 ppm of gold, is 99% pure gold content, and gold ion is similar as body's light voltage, upon touches skin, it can activate skin's function and revitalise skin's layer. 

Fully loaded with 24K Gold goodness

The package comes with a spatula for you to scoop out the gold mask and apply it on your face without contaminate the rest of the mask in the jar. Although it may feel heavy and thick when you scoop it out but when you layer the gold mask on face, the soothing and refreshing feeling covers your skin you just wanna lay back, relax and wait for the mask to dry.

Absorbing gold into my skin and hopefully can retain my youth like Cleopatra did

I don't know how Cleopatra felt about her gold mask but for me, Piolang's 24K Gold Wrapping Mask gold leaf covered my skin and removed all the dead/bad skin cells immediately I can feel my skin is moisturized, radiance, revitalised and energized! Because the dead skin cells were removed during the peeling process of the mask, I can see a slight differentiate of fairer skin tone of my skin as well! 

Whenever I felt my skin needed a boost, I will apply Piolang's 24K Gold Wrapping Mask on my face to look radiant and healthy again. It works like magic everytime! No wonder Cleopatra did it every night! Now we can feel like a rich b*tch with Piolang everyday!

Thanks to Althea Korea for this amazing jar of luxurious gold goodness and with Althea's DAEBAK price it is only selling at RM69!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Brewmen, Solaris Mont Kiara

It is by coincidence that I discover this quaint lil cafe has good coffee. When it was hard to decide which cafe to go, this cafe's name caught my attention and sound promising - Brewmen, really feels like something good were brewing inside. The first I went was to grab my daily coffee fix, unable to stay for long, I told myself I will come back and try their specialty coffee. 

Here I am, back again!

The cafe interior is simple, with a huge wall painted in black and chalk wall art were on it. Makes my hand itchy I wanna paint my room with blackboard paint and draw my own wall art on it. Not sure if the owner is some sort of cyclist fan, bicycles were hung on wall, kinda reminds me of Grumpy Cyclist tho.

Me, Elaine and Celeste just had Korean for dinner, I decided to get their waffle desserts but both of them keep complaining they are way too full and don't have space for dessert. So in order to let everyone enjoy that plate of dessert (which I'm very much regret after) we go with drinks first.

Brewmen Specialty Coffee - Reverse Espresso Latte RM18

Pour steamed milk into it and voila!

Reverse Latte means the process of preparing both espresso and milk into latte are reversed, and the espresso is frozen into an ice ball! So cute!!! As I mentioned, they have very good coffee here hence this cup of Reverse Latte kinda taste bitter for me, I had to get syrup to add-in in order to finish up the whole cup of coffee. Judge on the lab beaker size, I had so much latte that night!

Hot Mocha - RM12

Filter Coffee - RM15

Although I like cafe hopping, but I mostly ordered specialty coffee, which kinda means I don't know anything about coffee. I don't know how to appreciate good coffee like Elaine does, so when she told me Brewmen's Filter Coffee is good, I believe what she said! So it make sense that their Mocha tastes so good as well. Gosh I kinda miss their coffee already!

S'mores Waffle - RM15

Let me tell you why I regret ordered this - I was too full from previous meal. I got greedy, in the end I decided to order this waffle but our tummy aren't really prepared for another round of food intake, so this waffle tastes meh to us. But I kinda recall this waffle tastes overly sweet, and it is really not a good thing. Probably will go for something more light next time. 

But overall that night was fun with these two girls!

Angel spotted! :P

Feels like we're 15 again!

Overall I enjoyed the night with good coffee and good companionship, it happened on the first day of 2016, which lead me to believe that things are going great this year (I HOPE!). Can't wait to go back and try their another type of waffle and of course get a cup of Mocha!

For more information:

No.6, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(Same row as Wanderlust)

Business Hours:
  • Tues-Thurs: 10:00 - 23:30
  • Fri-Sat: 10:00 - 00:00
  • Sun: 10:00 - 23:30
Contact: +60 3-6211 8829

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How Does My Hair Color Last This Long?

Me and my friends used to joke that the period in between our meet ups can be counted by my hair colours, like: Hey, the last time I when I met you my hair was XX colour! It's been so long! Lol. I went blonde since year 2014 and it's year 2016 and am still partially blonde, but more to colour playing nowadays. 

Three questions I got most often is with all my crazy hair colours are:
  • Wow your hair colour is so nice! Do you need to bleach your hair?
  • Aren't bleaching your hair will damage its texture?
  • How long does your hair colour stay?

Well, the ultimate answer to all these questions is: Find a good hair salon with a skillful hairstylist to help achieve your hair goals! And I gotta announce proudly that I managed to find this hair dye product which helps my hair colours (even the blue!) stay fresh and vibrant for the longest time ever! 

My Blue Green Coloured hair game still going strong!
Photo taken two days ago and this colour has been staying for 2 months!

My secret? 

Evo Fabuloso Pro!

I guess we are destined to meet the people who we are to meet, and from a previous event, they've managed to get my contact and asked me to do a show, which is the launch of Evo Hair Products from Australia. Usually, models wouldn't let hairstylist do chemical service onto their hair as they deemed the process will damaged their hair but I was like f*ckyeah who the hell cares hair shorten and it will grow again so whatever and my worry-free-thoughts kinda lead me on a roller coaster hair colour journey.

Evo Fabuloso Pro is such a cool product that you can achieve your desire hair colour easily. Just like colour palettes, you mix & match the colours to get the colours you want, and the cool part is there have colour repair conditioner for you to refresh your hair colour everytime after you wash your hair! Haha the cat is finally out of the bag. 

Pre-Colour bleaching is still a pain-in-the-a** b*tch tho. 

So here's the answer to one of the FAQ: Yes, in order for the colour to show, especially cool tone colours such as green blue and hard-to-achieve pastel colours, all requires pre-colour-bleaching and the final colours outcome kinda depends the bleaching process too. The whiter your bleached hair is, the prettier the colours are! So yea.

And I thought I was getting some blue-green colour at first...

Until they wash the hair dye off and TADAH!!!

I got lime green!!!
Woohoo green hair colour crossed from checklist!

Show look

Workshop model for Evo launch
I'm the source of entertainment as Pomelo Cat that day lol.

This lime green hair colour really catches a lot of attention. I like it alot but some of my friends kinda detest the colour and I don't know why lololol. And I got the colour back in October, that means time for some cosplay during Halloween and I managed to nabbed some prizes from Halloween party for best dress award!

From Pomelo Cat to Joker, that escalate quickly isn't! LOL
And no I didn't bring the knife out.

Daily Look

Had the lime green colour for some times and I decided to move on to something I want - Blue! Since my hair roots isn't visible yet, so from green colour to blue colour took only about 15 minutes to be done! LOL! I didn't know that my meal intake time took longer than changing my hair colour hahahaha. The amazing Evo Fabuloso Pro is really life-changing!

Thank you Jolleen

Pros in hair colour would've know that the one of the hardest colour to stay on hair is the colour blue. Just a few washes in about one to two weeks time, blue colour will fade and your hair colour will be only the bleached hair colour with the faintest hint of blue/grey. There goes your money for such a short term of glamorous hair. Evo Fabuloso Pro became my hair colour saviour because I love blue so much I wanted the colour to stay as long as I wanted it to be and it did! OMGTHANKYOUSOMUCHWHOEVERINVENTEDTHIS!

Colour Repair Conditioner

My blue hair stayed for the longest time, and everybody was amazed by the duration. It wouldn't be possible, not before Evo Hair Products launch in Malaysia. So much win in this products, you can try searching for hair salons near you and give it a try. You'll love it!

 Different looks achieved with my blue hair

Now I've had enough of blue, what colour should I go next?

For more information:

Evo Hair Products Official Facebook Page

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Product Review: Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion

"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together" said Elizabeth Taylor. Don't we all have those rainy days that we wish they could go away but sometimes nothing seems to work and the magic is probably that bright red lipstick you store in your makeup stash. 

There are some days that I'm not sure what colour I should go with, bright red colour is always my choice as its colour lighten up my face in an instance. When in doubt, always wear red is my motto when it comes to makeup. I'm so happy that Estée Lauder has given me this awesome Lethal Red colour Liquid Lip Potion that's current my fav lip colour!

Thank you Estée Lauder

Look at that colour! Ooh-La-La!

I'm surprised this Liquid Lip Potion from Estée Lauder has such intense colour but in such lightweight I barely felt anything on my lips. Such potent effect of a creamy lipstick-lipgloss hybrid leaves your lip moisturized with high-intensity satin-matte colour, I don't have to keep on touch-up my lip colour, even after food/drink consuming.

Dual-sided applicator

With the dual-sided applicator, I find it so much easy to shape and colour my lips even without lip liner. I'm amazed by its precise definition from the rounded tip that can trace the edge of my lips easily, as well as another side that stores the lip potion that allows me to fully colour my lips in just a few strokes. Long lasting, lightweight, with faint scent of pleasant aroma, putting this lip potion immediately brighten my day even on the rainy ones.

Every woman should that red lipstick that brings the fiercest, sexiest, liveliest side out of her, and I'm so happy I finally found that red lipstick of mine! I've learnt that on a bad day, there is always lipstick so if you're sad, just add more lipstick and attack! xoxo

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Oriental Journey of Silk Road

I really love the depth of Chinese roots that can be trace thousands and thousands years back which the eventful history that we are studying in modern days. It fascinates me so much when oriental culture met with Western's and something new were created back then, be it education, cultural shock or even marriage that forms new bloodline. 

It was my pleasure to be invited to the new journey of Silk Road Malaysia that has just begun and it got all of us hyped up to see what kind of exotic journey will Silk Road Malaysia lead us to.

Invitation came in exquisite form with a little sneak peak of what I wore on event night.

Such a fine day

This kinda reminds me of gates and passes of oriental city with these ribbons decorations
I'm starting to feel the silk road vibe here.

Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, this event by Silk Road arrived just in time to let us all warm up in our traditional outfit as well as auspicious greetings when we see each other. The whole atmosphere were in warm colours with white clothes hanging from roof to the floor, aesthetically resembles the movie scenes from Hero, directed by Zhang YiMou. Gives me goosebumps as in I was send back to the land of Oriental thousand years ago.

The origin and definition of Silk Road, well explained. 

I'm like the walking mascot of Silk Road.
Thanks Melson Kuala Lumpur for the awesome outfit.

Choosing Jade Green and gold embroidery, I immediately became the focus of attention right after I got out from my car. Like aforementioned, I looked like the walking mascot of Silk Road with the colour green and gold on me, but it's totally fine for me as I felt I'm deeply in touch with my roots, the roots of oriental cultural experience with a touch of modernity as an urban female. The cultural impact that happens inside me that night is kinda complicated but I really like it as it is very inspiring. 

Not only we were greeted well with the oriental decorations, sight and sound, there are also activities for us to take part in. The first one will be the Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy. I've saw videos of how China people uses this technique as street art and made money, finally have to chance to witness its magic with my own eyes. You know it is difficult to write in Chinese calligraphy, each strokes have to be measure accurately, I can't wait for my name to be painted in both calligraphy and rainbow!

Thank you so much Ancient Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy Malaysian Chinese calligrapher - Jacky Chow
He's been very hardworking the whole night, writing names nonstop till the end of the event!

Another interesting activity will be the Tea Ceremony:
The deep knowledge of Tea Ceremony can't be explain in just a few words or few days
It has to be learn for such a long duration in order to appreciate the tea ceremony

While getting in touch with these activities, I feel so proud that I'm actually descent of these cultured hobby/activity that's been flowing among the people of China and now Malaysia for so many years. These broad and profound culture has been connecting us in some way that lead us back to the roots of who we really are. 

We were given ample amount of time to discover the activities while sipping our cocktails, little did we know that our dinner is being prepare behind the door. All of us were lead to another room with long tables, crystal clear chairs, elegant table decoration and we're in awed by the sincerity of Silk Road organizing this event to let us enjoy the night. 

Menu of the night - 4 course meal

Taste is not the sole part of deciding the food whether it is delicious or not, the ambience, sight and sound also play important part to one who is savouring his/her food. Collaborating both organizer and our chef of the night - Mr. James Won from Enfin, our senses were lead to that mysterious Silk Road located  far far away from home. We were entertained by Jazz songstress Ms. Diana Liu, as well as Chinese Quartet orchestra band, not forgetting that we were surrounded by Chinese calligraphy drawing images while we were savouring each course.

Partially how it looked like that night
Seriously my photos doesn't do the whole atmosphere and experience justice!

3 different ambience in theme of Blue, Green and Yellow were arranged accordingly together with the dishes has set us into a gastronomical experience. First and foremost, our first entrée of the night is: 

Scallop, Calamari, Citrus, Mints and Petals

In fact, to make this entrée more exquisite, the calamari has been replaced by freshly flown in Hokkaido Scallop and garnished by crispy artisan bread that the Chef took pride in. Alongside with refreshing citrus, mints and greens, one serving of this isn't enough! 

2nd Entrée of the night is my favourite!
Green Tea Salmon 40°, Smoked Cucumber, Texture of Potato and Green Beurre Blanc

This piece of Salmon gotta be the best Salmon I've had in recent as it is cooked ala sous vide at 40° and it's crispy on its skin with right amount of green tea seasoning on it, soft and juicy on the inside you can taste its freshness at the tip of your tongue. Various texture of potato added another layer of texture to the salmon and of course, the green beurre blanc finishes each spoonful smooth, creamy and velvety.

Main Course of the night - Cordyceps Chicken on Chlorophyll Carpet with Porcini Mushrooms and Pâtes de Riz

Cordyceps fed free range chicken soak in cordyceps broth while consuming is just pure genius! The tender chicken breast meat, nutritious broth, 3 types greens that made the Chlorophyll carpet, nutty flavour porcini mushroom and risotto rice, this dish represents perfectly the depiction of both Oriental and Western culture blend of Silk Road, which what the night is all about.

Last but not least:

Dessert - Plum, Cheese, Chocolate (White and Dark) with Basil Reduction

Meals can't end without dessert and we were served premium dark chocolate and white chocolate parfait stuffed with cheese, along with sweet and sourish stewed plum with a dash of basil reduction, perfect balance of a good dessert. I love especially the dark chocolates, so yummy!

How can we not take a group photo?
This is such an epic one lol!

Chef James Won has dazzled us with him and his team's culinery skill by preparing these wonderful dishes for all of us that night, leaving us craving for more. Each dish are well designed alongside with colour theme and taste, the whole atmosphere were unite into one as we all are enjoying the night with good food, good company, great atmosphere. Such an enjoyable and unforgettable night, definitely a great boost to kick start the new year!

Thank you so much Silk Road and Manoah for having us that night, letting our contemporary perspective soaked with both Eastern and Western culture that somehow still making me missing that fine night. Looking forward to a great year ahead, and definitely, more fine events such as this one.