Saturday, January 9, 2016

Beginner's Guide to Calligraphy

I'm obsessed with writings, like seriously. I remember I tried borrow notes from my friends and copy from page 1 when I was in secondary school and I write and write and write nonstop. There are so many notes I bring to school everyday, so many different colours of pens I have for the sake of "lighten up" my notes and not too bored to read (but I never read those notes I copied anyway hahahaha) and it is just calming to write. Sometimes I get frustrated too when my writings are shitty, kinda like some "bad writing day" and I will like stop writing and do something else instead. But overall I really love writing, hence I try to start a new hobby this year - Calligraphy.

My poisonous friend Freda bought her calligraphy pen set last year and it is so satisfying writing using the pen I can't stop thinking about it. But it is quite costly to invest in a set of calligraphy pens and inks hence I just put this off my mind till this week. I went to Stickerrific at Jaya One and asked the owner bout calligraphy stuff and just bought everything in one go. Satisfying and terrifying at the same time. I couldn't help but thinking: what if I suck at writing calligraphy??? All these money will be wasted!!! T________T

But the positive side of me was like: You can do it! You just need tons and tons of exercise! So I just give it a try! If you're a beginner like me who like to try on Calligraphy, here's some stuff that I bought to kick start my new hobby :

I remember standing in front of the Calligraphy station of Stickerrific and did not know what to do. There are way too many selections for someone who are new to calligraphy like me I just don't know where to start. So I asked the owner, and she's so kind to answer all sorts of questions from me patiently, even some silly questions that makes me feels like facepalm.jpg after I blurted it out from my mouth.


First, choose the fonts that you like your writing to be. I'm a fan of medium-broad font kind of person when it comes to writing but I reckon it will be hard to write in journal using a broad-headed nib so I chose a fine nib and another medium nib and see how it goes. The fine nib is Nikko G and the Medium ones is Brause Steno. They are coated with wax so be sure to wash them with detergent before use or else your ink will drip off from it, and always remember to clean it thoroughly each time after used or else it will get rusty real quick and you'll have to buy a new nib. 

nib container (optional)
I put the silica gel inside so the nibs will always stay dry and wouldn't get rusty too soon.

Nib Holder

You might want to choose your preferred nib holder as it kinda affects how you write. I chose a straight nib holder instead of oblique pen holder to see how things go from here. There are certain right-hander find it hard to write using straight pen holder, there's when you know you need an oblique pen holder. 


Bought 3 types of inks in one go because I know writing with just one type of ink can't satisfy me at all. I bought Higgins waterproof ink, walnut ink and Finetec Pearl Colors M600 in "Arabic Gold". I find I like the gold colour ink the most because it is thick in texture and the your writing kinda pops after it dries. It is a bit troublesome though as you need to keep on drip water on it and brush the ink on the nib to keep writing. There's where the reservoir watercolour brush comes in handy. Walnut ink will be my second choice for its pretty colour and third will be the Higgins' ink. I don't know why just don't feeling it at the moment. Probably need more practice.

Here are some examples of the calligraphy inks, and please don't judge my writings lololol.

Higgins Waterproof Ink
It smeared on A4 paper

Walnut ink
The colour is so pretty!

Last but not least - Finetec Pearl Colors M600 "Arabic Gold"

So I guess this kinda concludes my beginner's guide to Calligraphy. I reckon that there are so many things to learn about Calligraphy and I'm just starting, gotta get my hands dirty and write till I forgot about time! Leave me some advice too if you're a calligraphy fan, would like to improve more on my writings and also about the latest news and stuff of Calligraphy. 

Cheers to writing!

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