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Behind-The-Scenes: Shiseido Innovator Awards 2015

It's been a while since I last blog about my work at modeling industry, it is not that I stopped working, but more like I stopped feeling awed by it. Everything feels the same, not physically but psychologically, it feels like modeling has lost its magic to me. So in order to pick it up from where I left, I think by blogging bout my work will make me at least pay some attention to my work where I could discover the tiniest wonders and hopefully this might sparks up my work life. 

Although I don't have to sit through traffic jam on weekdays to work, but sometimes we get ungodly hours call time(standby time), some as early as 5a.m. in the morning where birds aren't even awake! But luckily this time round, our call time is 7:30p.m,  it gave me a chance where I could see the beautiful dawn which I haven't done so in a while.

Good weather spotted ahead!

This is the second time I modeled for Shiseido Innovator Awards and twice also I'm with Lois Lee, one of Malaysia's well-known hairstylists which services royalties and big shots in the country and often travel around the world along with them to do hair service for them. It is his distinctive style in creating hairstyles that has won him the hearts of many and also, Shiseido Malaysia who would like to present his style on stage.


Model Pass to get through security

Every year Shiseido got this Innovator Awards going on, and not just Malaysia, they had it at other Asia countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China etc. Winners will be send to Japan to attend an exclusive-invites only all-expenses-paid trip. There are so many participants for this contest and those who stands out from the rest truly represents the innovative spirit that Shiseido Malaysia been searching for.

Holding Area

Projector which shows what's going on at stage.

It is not every show that model will get nicely treated with huge prep room, holding area and even food. Some models even encountered valuables stolen by outsiders because there's no proper prep room and holding room for models to place their belongings. Well, let's say it is not always La Vie en Rose like you see on stage.

Beauty Creative Team - Lois Lee

Hair and Makeup station - before it all started and became "war scene" lol

Cris Yong is the stylist-in-charge of this show and Chu Fan, one of my favourite makeup artist is doing our makeup. I worked with them few times before and they were fun to work with. You can see their sparks of creativity ignite here and there, new ideas keep popping up and hence you never know what you'll get! It is fun when working spontaneously with people like them. 

Dry paints to complete the hair and looks
Prepared by ChuFan

Wardrobe fittings

Beauty Creative Team is about creating something visually stunning using Shiseido products and this year's team is Red, White and Black, the very distinguishable colours of Shiseido as well as Japanese culture. Our team represents the red, hence our wardrobe all in stunning red, very much like the Rising Sun of Japan's national flag.

Hair Extensions to added onto our real hair to make it visually exaggerating.
It is all about art and creativity collide.

First one to done hair and makeup

I look very much like traditional Japanese doll with a modern twist that a bit looks eerily surreal. One thing I like about modeling job is that you don't know what type of outfit/looks that you'll get, which means that each job is a sort of adventure, that you have to work it no matter what. There are times that I dislike certain makeup because it looks odd on me but as a professional model, it is my job to accept it and shine through it even you know it is not your best look, but you just gotta do it to show your professionalism in this field. 

I sounded old with all these blabberings. LOL. 

My friend Freda is here too! Model for Taiwan hairstylist which showcased the style of 20s. 

Show's starting soon, here we are lining up and walking to holding room

Full look of the show
Hair by: Lois Lee
Styled by: Cris Yong
Makeup by: ChuFan

Honestly you have no idea how panic we are when we did the show because the clogs we are wearing is utterly big for the staircase and we prayed so hard that no one will trip down the staircase. And luckily we all managed to nailed it! YASSS!!! The ambience of Beauty Creative Team showcase is so stunning by just listening to the music it gave me goosebumps, it was so beauty in a sense it is an art. I'm grateful to be in a show as stunning as this, thanks to my agent Manne too who proposed me as model for this show. Thank you for keep looking after us models and never let others to bully us during work. It was a pleasure working with Manne.

Last but not least, work in modeling field can be joyful as well as you will meet all sorts of people from different places and countries and some might even be your friends or create future opportunity for you. So happy to meet all my friends this time round which some I haven't see them for a year since our last show, and some new friends I made throughout this show, hope to see all of your friendly faces soon.

It is year 2016 now, and I hope this year will be another fruitful year for me in modeling industry! And also I pray that I can keep this "behind-the-scenes" posts go on as long as I could!!!

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