Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How Does My Hair Color Last This Long?

Me and my friends used to joke that the period in between our meet ups can be counted by my hair colours, like: Hey, the last time I when I met you my hair was XX colour! It's been so long! Lol. I went blonde since year 2014 and it's year 2016 and am still partially blonde, but more to colour playing nowadays. 

Three questions I got most often is with all my crazy hair colours are:
  • Wow your hair colour is so nice! Do you need to bleach your hair?
  • Aren't bleaching your hair will damage its texture?
  • How long does your hair colour stay?

Well, the ultimate answer to all these questions is: Find a good hair salon with a skillful hairstylist to help achieve your hair goals! And I gotta announce proudly that I managed to find this hair dye product which helps my hair colours (even the blue!) stay fresh and vibrant for the longest time ever! 

My Blue Green Coloured hair game still going strong!
Photo taken two days ago and this colour has been staying for 2 months!

My secret? 

Evo Fabuloso Pro!

I guess we are destined to meet the people who we are to meet, and from a previous event, they've managed to get my contact and asked me to do a show, which is the launch of Evo Hair Products from Australia. Usually, models wouldn't let hairstylist do chemical service onto their hair as they deemed the process will damaged their hair but I was like f*ckyeah who the hell cares hair shorten and it will grow again so whatever and my worry-free-thoughts kinda lead me on a roller coaster hair colour journey.

Evo Fabuloso Pro is such a cool product that you can achieve your desire hair colour easily. Just like colour palettes, you mix & match the colours to get the colours you want, and the cool part is there have colour repair conditioner for you to refresh your hair colour everytime after you wash your hair! Haha the cat is finally out of the bag. 

Pre-Colour bleaching is still a pain-in-the-a** b*tch tho. 

So here's the answer to one of the FAQ: Yes, in order for the colour to show, especially cool tone colours such as green blue and hard-to-achieve pastel colours, all requires pre-colour-bleaching and the final colours outcome kinda depends the bleaching process too. The whiter your bleached hair is, the prettier the colours are! So yea.

And I thought I was getting some blue-green colour at first...

Until they wash the hair dye off and TADAH!!!

I got lime green!!!
Woohoo green hair colour crossed from checklist!

Show look

Workshop model for Evo launch
I'm the source of entertainment as Pomelo Cat that day lol.

This lime green hair colour really catches a lot of attention. I like it alot but some of my friends kinda detest the colour and I don't know why lololol. And I got the colour back in October, that means time for some cosplay during Halloween and I managed to nabbed some prizes from Halloween party for best dress award!

From Pomelo Cat to Joker, that escalate quickly isn't! LOL
And no I didn't bring the knife out.

Daily Look

Had the lime green colour for some times and I decided to move on to something I want - Blue! Since my hair roots isn't visible yet, so from green colour to blue colour took only about 15 minutes to be done! LOL! I didn't know that my meal intake time took longer than changing my hair colour hahahaha. The amazing Evo Fabuloso Pro is really life-changing!

Thank you Jolleen

Pros in hair colour would've know that the one of the hardest colour to stay on hair is the colour blue. Just a few washes in about one to two weeks time, blue colour will fade and your hair colour will be only the bleached hair colour with the faintest hint of blue/grey. There goes your money for such a short term of glamorous hair. Evo Fabuloso Pro became my hair colour saviour because I love blue so much I wanted the colour to stay as long as I wanted it to be and it did! OMGTHANKYOUSOMUCHWHOEVERINVENTEDTHIS!

Colour Repair Conditioner

My blue hair stayed for the longest time, and everybody was amazed by the duration. It wouldn't be possible, not before Evo Hair Products launch in Malaysia. So much win in this products, you can try searching for hair salons near you and give it a try. You'll love it!

 Different looks achieved with my blue hair

Now I've had enough of blue, what colour should I go next?

For more information:

Evo Hair Products Official Facebook Page


Jean said...

Super like ah! But then I can't carry I think, as I am a bored person and not creative with look and fashion.. Pfftttt...

Charmaine Pua said...

Super nice colors! So how long did your blue hair lasted for already?
And how long you color once?

Arisa Chow said...

I agree, colored conditioners are our life savers!!! XD
After many washes as long we use this, the colour will still stay on.