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Product Review: mAi Dark Mocha Specialty Coffee Beverage

When I say I've been blogging for 10 years, it does mean that I'm no longer in my early 20s or even consider "young" in many aspects. It hits me hard when I come to realize that my metabolism has slowly decrease for the past 2 year to where I am today. I don't want but to admit that I gained weight and inches of my body size has increased is actually killing me and my career. 

I'm not an exercise person and I have shitty stamina. I can go walking on a treadmill for half an hour and made it till 2km - 3km which sucks badly I know, and I don't walk on a treadmill often. Till then I was a happy-go-lucky girl which have an above-average body size which squeeze me into the model industry and now I'm like below average. I don't have to remind you how cruel this industry is and everyday I'm looking for ways, alternatives to get me back in shape. 

When Freda offered me to review mAi Dark Mocha, I was skeptical. Since I've been in this blogging industry for a long time, I knew there were hundreds of slimming products in the market that's been craving for attention and some even has very bad side-effect on consumers which I don't want it to happen on me as well. After I was reassured that this coffee contained 100% au-naturale ingredients, I gave it a try.

A coffee a day keeps your fats away?
Let's see.

I'm a coffee person, which made my acceptance towards this specialty coffee easily than other slimming products. After understanding that this coffee are made from premium ingredients and not chemicals that could harm your body, I'm almost half sold. 

Premium Ingredients of mAi Dark Mocha:

Brindle berry (Garcinia cambogia): Renown as "body slimming magician", its seed contains 30% of HCA which proven to regulating appetite and body slimming. On its rise of popularity, medical fields have proven it does not pose any harmful effects to the central-nervous system.

Belgian Dark Cocoa: Chosen for its world-class consistency, smoothness, intense and delicate aroma, it contains Cocoa Polyphenois which helps blood circulation and help body combats against cell oxidation, and stimulates basal metabolism rate at about 15% to burn more calories inside our body. Cocoa also helps to control appetite with its high level of satiety.

Premium Arabic Beans: Selected top-notch coffee beans with multi-benefits on health can boost health and speed up metabolism as well as calorie burning. The thermic effect of caffeine stimulates the oxidation and burning of fat under the epidermis layer while preventing the synthesis of fat.

Safflower Oil Extract (CLA): CLA is a healthy type of fat extracted from Safflower Oil which promotes body metabolism and inhibits fat storage. CLA does effectively eliminates belly fat while providing a mechanism to prevent rebound. 

Au-naturale ingredients, premium quality contents, helps to increase body metabolism rate as well as calorie burning rate higher than usual and best of all, it does not rebound once you stop this coffee intake, so I went on mAi Dark Mocha Specialty Coffee Beverage routine once every two days last month. 

It is a cup of aromatic coffee to start your day but do mind that it doesn't taste sweet as sweet (sugar) is not good for your body when you wanna lose weight. Consume all the oil and cheese you want but sugar is the key of all the fats that stored in your body. Kinda glad that mAi Dark Mocha doesn't taste sweet, otherwise it would've taste artificial.

Since I don't take it everyday, but the effect I got is quite amazing. I have people asking me whether I've slimmed down, due to fittings and stuff and people I'm working closely with have noticed that I've lost some inches. That's not even pairing the coffee with the advisable daily workout, imagine if you do exercise while drinking this coffee, how much KGs you would've shed in a month!

There 8 effects after consuming this coffee:

  1. Regulating Appetite - Yes, it does control my appetite as I've been feeling full almost throughout the day and I guess little food intake does help shedding all the inches of my body.

  2. Improving basal metabolic rate - Well I guessed so as I've been feeling heaty and thirsty all the time when I had the coffee and keep drinking water does my body fluid goes circulating faster
    than normally does.

  3. Burning the stubborn fat - My belly fat (yes I do have belly fat despite I may have "looked" skinny) kinda flattens. It does make me happy that this coffee does work its magic!

  4. Increasing body muscle mass - I didn't build muscle tho so no comment on this.

  5. Elevating body energy - Feeling more energetic and hyper than usual, the coffee kinda wakens me up!

  6. Preventing fat reformation - Well it's been a while since I stopped drinking this coffee and yes, my belly is still flat at the moment so I'll give it a YES.

  7. Targeting lower body especially abdominal - Well, my belly says it all!

  8. Zero-by effects on human body - Aside feeling thirsty all the time, I didn't encounter any negative effects during coffee consumption time.

However if you are pregnant, intolerance towards caffeine and patients with hypertension or cardiovascular disease, it is not advisable to take this products and to those who aren't sure, you might want to consult your doctor before you take this. 

There are no symptoms of diarrhea and insomnia throughout the whole coffee routine, and I feel glad that it actually made difference on my appearance which shed of some extra fats that I didn't wanted especially my belly area. I believe with proper 30 minutes exercise and clean diet, this coffee can help you achieve even more on your target body weight! I've been introducing this coffee to my friends and family as it really show me the positive effects and they have the same feeling as I did, and wanting to repurchase soon. 

Gotta thanks Freda for letting me review this product. Although this is a paid review, but I've been testing this products for 20 days and seen the result myself, hence I recommend it to my friends and family as I wanted the best for them too. If you're looking for a healthy and natural way to shed some KGs, why don't give mAi Dark Mocha Specialty Coffee a try!

mAi Dark Mocha Specialty Coffee (RM86)
10 sachets per box

more information: http://www.facebook.com/maicanteen/

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