Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dreamz Bakery & Cafe, Kota Damansara

The name of Dreamz Bakery & Cafe has been mentioned around me since 2010, but as a Setapakian, it would be insane to just go to visit the cafe and back hence I've never been to this popular cafe until this year's V-Day. It is by coincidence too to have chance visit the cafe, as we have no plan for dinner and our friends are paktor-ing at this cafe and ask us to go over. Kinda awkward tho to be one of the light bulb on V-Day lol.

Dreamy backdrop for photo purpose.

White-Garden style, I like.

Although Dreamz Bakery & Cafe doesn't have lavish interior, but you can feel warmth and lovely feeling once step into the cafe, and aromatic smell of food that lingers in the air. I've heard people talking about how good their cakes are, some say food at the cafe, hence able to dine here with my friends really lighten up my lonely V-Day. Haha.

Iced Mocha 

Mushroom soup 

Eggs Benedict with Salmon

Can't really remember the price for each item I ordered but for these 3 items I paid around RM4x. The iced mocha tasted more on a milky side than coffee or chocolate, to me it was okay I can't really take caffeine during evening or else I will have a hard time falling asleep. Mushroom soup taste average too but I think a bit costly for a bowl or normal mushroom soup. I kinda like their eggs benedict with salmon tho! Eggs were perfectly prepared, with loads of salmon and fresh, crisp salad! Yums!!! Tried a mouthful of spaghetti carbonara from my friends too and it taste quite good too!

Pink lightbulb of the day

Dreamz Bakery & Cafe is a good place to dine and chill with your friends, the cozy environment filled with romantic-ness really makes an impression in me. The owner is a Taiwanese(?) right? People there are kinda and helpful to when it comes to table shifting, order confirming and such, and what makes me feel that we're valued customers is that they will ask if everything is alright. No wonder Dreamz Bakery & Cafe is still one of the popular cafe in Damansara area!

Too full from their main course I didn't have chance to try out their cakes yet but fret not, I will definitely visit this cafe again in near future!

For more information:

Dreamz Bakery & Cafe Facebook Page

Contact number: 012-200 3441

Address: No32-1,The Strand,Jalan PJU 5/20D, 
Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Product Review: L'Occitane 28 Day Divine Renewal Skin Program

Divine, Immortality, Regenerate, these are the terms to describe L'Occitane's Divine Immortelle Renewal Program which I tried some time ago. It is an exquisite skin renewal program meant to use once or twice per year, is a tailor-made solution for overworked skin like mine, who always have their makeup on and no time for proper facial.

Divine Skin in just 4 weeks!

As time goes by, cells that make up the epidermis skin layer regenerates in a slower pace, so when it comes to stressful condition and environment, my skin condition become worst. L'Occitane Divine Renewal Program is just what me and other women around my age needs, to speed up the cell renewal progress for a youthful looking skin with slowed down skin ageing process. As our skin cell renewal cycle takes about 28 days time, L'Occitane laboratory developed this 28 Day Divine Renewal Program to harmoniously sync with our skin's natural rhythms while working its magic.

Immortelle - a flower that never fades even after it has been picked, is the "Golden Sun" of Corsica Island. For over 10 years, L'Occitane patented this exceptionally anti-ageing power Corsican Immortelle and 5 patents pending for the Immortelle range L'Occitane products. From planting, distillation, L'Occitane has set up a large scale Corsican Immortelle program with Corsica producers, over 50 hectares of Immortelle were planted and farmed organically on this sunny island. With the greatest respect for the environment, harvesting is done by sickle while weeding is left to the sheep. The growing condition of these Immortelle flowers are similarly like those in the wild, hence the rare essential oil of Immortelle flower is in limited but superior quality with high concentration of active molecules for youthful beauty result, infusing skin with new energy.

4 formulas, 4 weeks

  • Week 1 - Gentle Exfoliation
Pistacia Lentiscus (dioecious evergreen shrub or small tree of the pistacio genus) essential oil for the first week act as gentle exfoliator by encouraging natural shedding process. The skin surface appears smoother. complexion looks more even toned. 

  • Week 2 - Hydration & Nutrition
4 plant oils with cistus essential oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin which later skin texture appears intensely hydrated and transformed.

  • Week 3 - Balance
The combination of myrtle and rosemary essential oils with rebalancing properties, contribute to the overall skin's well-being. Skin feels stronger, strengthened and all prepped for the final stage of the program. 

  • Week 4 - Renewal
Combination of carrot, cypress and immortelle essential oils combats the sign of ageing, skin is smoother, plumper, well-balanced and seems to be regenerated. 

The essential oils are held in easy-to-use, daily, single use dosage. 

Essential oil goodness

Following the right order, I apply this 28 day divine skin renewal program before my moisturizer every night after cleansing and toning. At first I thought it's gonna be greasy on face, but the ultra-natural oil textures absorbed into skin right after I apply them on my face with some upwards-massage movement. It is advisable to apply the oils during evening/night as it is most conducive to cell renewal during that time of the day because skin is relaxed and more receptive to skincare products.

I've been using the product for 28 days continuously and when I look back at the photos ( like above) and compare to my face current situation, I saw the difference. My skin looks luminous and healthy with hydrated look, where the glow can hardly be seen nowadays. It truly is a good cell renewal program to let my skin cell regenerate in a faster pace and I really love how glowy I look back then. I hope that maintaining this program once a year and the youth of my skin will look everlasting like the "golden sun" - Immortelle flower of Corsica Island.

For more information:

L'Occitane Immortelle 28 Day Divine Renewal Program - RM588

Buy Online

Saturday, February 20, 2016

How To Create Passport-Photo-Worthy Look

Sawadee Ka from Phuket! Feels great to have a short getaway in the midst of Chinese New Year with my secondary school friends who are also in the same club when we were back in high school! Some vacation that not to be missed! 

If you're one of my Facebook friend, you probably knew that I had my passport updated 2 days before departure date, it was quite a close call as I heard from friends that there are some cases where they can't even get queuing numbers for few days. I was quite stressed out when I found out that I have to send my brother to college before I can go to UTC Sentul, but turns out that it was quite empty at the immigration centre, probably because of weekdays.

Got my passport renewed in just 53minutes wooohooo!!!

New vs Old Passport photo
Can clearly see that I gained weight FML
So please don't tell me I didn't. T_T

Another stressful thing for girls who wanna renew their I.C or Passport is - how to look good in the identification document photo. These documents follow us for quite a long period, and we wanna look the very best of it, so I decided to make a post of how I do my "Passport-Photo-Worthy" makeup for my passport photo. 


Concealer is a MUST! If you have pimples, acne scars, visible redness, spots, scars, use concealer to conceal it to look like you have flawless skin! Especially if you didn't had a good night sleep and dark eye circles are bad, you might wanna use more concealer around your eyes area to make yourself look wide awake. I slabbed tons of this on my face that day, terrible skin condition lately boohoo.

Don't forget your neck areas

I'm in love with Laneige BB Cushion lately as it is light but with good coverage and make my skin look dewy instead of oily! After you put on foundation on your face, don't forget to put some around your neck area for even skin tone and possibly covering up some ageing signs like lines around my neck lol.

Brow Bone Highlight

After drawing my brows, I use Benefit's High Brow to highlight my brow bones to make my brows look more define as well as making my feature pop-up more than usual. It's god-given to be flat-face Asian but with the power of makeup, at least there's some difference I can make. lol.

Two Tone Eyeshadow

Drew a two tone eyeshadow on that day by using NARS's Eye Paint "Porto Venere" and duo eyeshadow palette "St-Paul-De-Vence". Eye paint as base and I use a darker brown colour eyeshadow to create a "deep-eye-sockets" make. It is to create an illusion that you have bigger eyes with double eyelids. Makeup can be pretty deceiving ain't it? Hahahaha.


Another MUST do when it comes to photo taking as it will make your face feature pops! Shading technique has become a hype overseas as you can see there are so many makeup tutorials about shading your face area, creating a makeup look that can sometimes look nothing like your face. Too bad I haven't acquire that technique yet, so I'm doing subtle shading on both side of my cheeks and also side of my nose area.


Use a non-shimmer highlight powder to highlight my nose bridge, upper lip and chin because as the flash fire off, highlight powder with shimmer might make your face look oily as you don't know how long you'll wait till your turn so might as well play safe and use non-shimmer highlight powder when it comes to strobing.

Conceal your lip line

Do you know dark lip lines make you look older than your age? This is why Koreans' gradient lip make is one of the trend when it comes to lip colour as it requires concealing your lip lines before applying lip colour to the center area of your lips. Apply a brighter-than-your-lips lip colour to make yourself look fresh and ready to go out and take the world!

Voila! My passport photo makeup!

With the right amount of contouring, strobing, good eyebrows day, eyeshadow technique, lip colour, you'll never afraid to take photo at immigration office for your identification documents again! I might wanna lose some weight before I change my I.C photo because no amount of makeup could hide my chubby cheeks lol.

Bon Weekend!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

ChaTraMue, Plaza Low Yat, KL

To Thailand lovers, one of the iconic food that resembles Thailand and make most of the travelers miss deeply is Thailand's famous milk tea called Cha-Yen. The first time I went to Bangkok I drank Thai Milk Tea almost every meal time! It is so addictive! 

So when I found out that ChaTraMue, one of Thailand's most popular milk tea opened their café at Plaza Low Yat, I tell Peiyue we MUST go and quench our thirst towards Thai Milk Tea at this place. 

Number one brand since 1945!

They sell tea leaves too, now you can make your own Thai Milk Tea at home!

It's a simple lil café located at the side of Plaza Low Yat, just opposite Plaza Sg Wang. No fancy design nor fancy furniture but when you enter the café, you can smell the aroma of Thai Milk Tea filling up the air around you. Somehow it deepens my missing towards Bangkok! (But I'm going to Phuket today so Imma look around and find some Thai Milk Tea to drink! lolololol)


Besides Thai Milk Tea, the café offers ice blended drinks, other coffee and tea, light snack such as toasts and onsen-style soft boiled egg. I'm all-day-breakfast kind of person, totally cannot resist the temptation of soft boiled egg and toasts, so I ordered Set F (RM7.50) which consists of one large drink, toasts set and two soft boiled eggs.

Savoury hot toasts pair with sangkaya, it's just perfect!

Soft boiled eggs ala onsen-style

Of course, the main purpose of coming to ChaTraMue is because of Cha-Yen!

ChaTraMue's Cha-Yen is as aromatic as the one I had back in Thailand but on a good note - less sweet than the latter, making it possible to finish up the whole cup without feeling gonna get diabetes in the end of the cuppa. Some may like it strong and sweet as the ones at Thailand, but I think I kinda cut down on sugar-intake lately, not really interested in super sweet stuff already (woohoo yay for me will ya!)

Cha-Yen are selling at RM3.80(Hot), RM5.20 (Iced Regular), RM5.90 (Iced Large). And did I mention that you can take the cup back home with you as souvenir? It is reusable plastic cup with ChaTraMue's trademark colour and logo on it. 

Can I take this back home? lol

They may not taste exactly like the Cha-Yens you had at Thailand, but ChaTraMue café at Plaza Low Yat definitely had one of the closest taste of Thai Milk Tea. Not to mention that they have good toasts and soft boiled eggs too! Perfect spot to have afternoon tea in this busy city of KL!

For more information:

Address: Lot LG-032B, LG Floor, Plaza Low Yat, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Contact number: 012-667 4225

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Full of Beans, Straits Quay, Penang

This is my 2nd time to Straits Quay and my first time to visit Full of Beans, a cafe which my secondary school friend - Ruey currently working as barista and manager. Located at Ground Floor beside Healy's Mac, it is a strategic location for those who want some caffeine-fix or something to drink besides of alcohol. 

"Fu" (Luck) of Beans, which sounds just like Full of Beans
I wonder is it Ruey who thought of this

Full of Beans provides wide range of handcrafted specialty coffee which can satisfy your every caffeine needs. They got variety of premium coffee beans from different regions available for coffee lovers to try:

Asia Region:
  • Mandheling(Indonesia)
  • Golden Mandheling(Indonesia)
  • Sumatra Gulden Redelong(Indonesia)

Africa Region:
  • Ethiopia Mocha
  • Ethiopia Harrar
  • Kenya AA
  • Kenya AA Top Karani

American Region:
  • Colombia
  • Brazil Santos
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain R.S.W.

It's the 4th day of Chinese New Year when we visit Full of Beans, it's almost full house! My friend keep making coffee that day we seldom have time to talk, but feel so happy for her that she's living a life that she want and she's happy to have such wonderful time making coffee for the customers.

Posted this photo on Facebook already but still I'm gonna post it here!
Woman who take their career seriously is really charming ain't she?

Had my first cup of coffee made by Ruey!
Sea Salt Latte 

One of the speciality during Chinese New Year is instead of normal cookies, Full of Beans is pairing your cup of coffee with Chinese New Year peanut cookies, adding more CNY vibes to your cuppa of the day!



Chocolate Mint

Milk shake 

I guess I told Ruey that me and my parents don't have high tolerance on caffeine especially at night hence she kinda lessen the caffeine in our coffee, making it mild, so that we can still enjoy a cup of coffee at 9pm lololol. It's been awhile since I last had artisan coffee, my cup of Sea Salt Latte is just what I need, which suits my mood resembling this trip to Penang. 

Did I tell you they have nice cakes available in the cafe too?

Toffee Nut
I love this so much!

New York Cheese
Can't even get a taste of this as my brothers finished it up before I realize booooo!!!

The highlight of the night is trying the coffee brew from siphon coffee brewing method, can't recall the beans that were used to make this round of brew but it taste good, smooth and aromatic. I didn't knew filter coffee can taste so good! I guess it is time to venture into the world of coffee bean!

Watching our coffee brewing is a relaxing thing to do

Siphon Coffee Brewing Method requires close attention, quick and careful technique with precise timing

Can't wait to taste it!

My first try on siphon brew method coffee and I'm loving it!

Thank you so much for having us over Ruey!
Definitely enjoyed our cuppa!

If you're planning a trip to Penang, stop by at Straits Quay to this quaint lil cafe which you will meet friendly baristas with a lot of handcrafted specialty coffee selections! Can't wait to plan another trip to Penang again!

For more information:

Full of Beans Official Facebook Page

Full of Beans Official Website

Contact Number: 04-899 0621

Straits Quay Operation Hour:
Mon - Thurs: 11a.m. - 11p.m.
Fri - Sat: 10a.m. - 12a.m.
Sun: 10a.m. - 11p.m.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My CNY Makeup Kit

Chinese New Year's hot weather and traveling to few places makes packing my luggage difficult. Have to consider every factor in order to decide which type of apparels to bring kinda annoys me. I like to travel light usually, but when it comes to special occasions like festive season I often over-packed. Can't help but thinking I need to match every clothes with different shoes and accessories. lol. I'm an overthinking and dilemma Gemini in the end. 

So when it comes to makeup, I try to keep it minimal to "One Makeup Look for All" so I don't have to over stuff my makeup bag. So here's my Chinese New Year makeup kit:

Everything so pinkish this year
I guess I still got the femininity in me lololol.

Lately my skin condition has turn bad, breakouts here and there I kinda feel like I just wanna stay at home, refuse to go anywhere see anyone if my skin conditions doesn't get any better but the world doesn't revolve around me nonetheless I have to prep my skin to a "greetable" condition. Luckily I have these as my foundation. Kinda like my saviour of bad skin day.

Laneige BB Cushion
So much love for this BB cushion compact, easy to apply and retouch after.
My face stayed fresh even after long hours covered by makeup.

KATE Cream Concealer
natural and light, perfect for any dark circles and pimples spots or scars without over doing it.

Drawing eyebrows in the early mornings of Chinese New Year, you're sleep insufficient, you can't see clearly probably because of hangover and most of all - rushing because there are so many people wanna use the only big mirror in the house/ it's almost time for breakfast/ all sorts of rushing incident you can think of in CNY season. So the perfect solution for my eyebrow is this:

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara
Just brush it on eyebrows and save time to save the world lololol!
Plus no more imbalance eyebrows too.

I use this Maybelline Big Eyes palette in pink brown to create all the day and night makeup looks I need. Pink and lighter shades on the day time, just add more brown during night time to change my makeup look instantly. One eyeshadow palettes for all!

Love this palette to bits!

Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof Mascara
But it is easy to remove, perfect for travel

Silky Girl blusher that gave me glows on my cheek
I use this colour very often as it really compliments my skin tone

Burt's Bees Lip Crayon - Sedona Sands

Hot weather, insufficient amount of sleep and low water intake can make your lips dry, hence Burt's Bees lip crayon is my choice of travel lip colour as the colour is subtle but yet noticeable, it moisturizes my lips all the time, and I love that it is naturally made with organic ingredients.

You're going to see this makeup very often this week in my Instagram or Facebook lol

What type of makeup-must-have is for you during festive season? Share it by commenting, I would love to know more tips when it comes to achieve a fuss free "travel look"!