Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Behind-The-Scenes: Utusan Malaysia Shoot

If you're reader of Utusan Malaysia, you'll probably see me somewhere in between the pages because YES! I'M IN THE NEWS YO!!! *wipe tears of proud from the corner of my eyes*

Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

Although I did get featured in designer wear a few times before of the same newspaper but this time marks a special one because I did a mini interview with the editor about Chinese New Year customs and fashion. I'm writing this blog post in advance so I shall see did my interview get featured or not later hahaha. *excited*

I'm writing this post at 3a.m, I think I'll cut this post short to photo+caption kinda thing:

Early Morning call time at Utusan Malaysia Studio
Curly Hairstyle for this round of shoot

Brown Smokey Eyes

My partner of the day - Denise Th'ng
She's one of the finalist of Miss Universe Malaysia

Final touch up before shoot

If you're wondering how Utusan Malaysia's studio looked like, this is it!

Light testing so goof around a bit

Charlie's Angel already!

short interview session

Last outfit, I like this whole outfit and posing concept

Makeup and Hair done by Makeup Puzzle - Vince Hee and Christina Foo

Group photo with Utusan's Sifu Photographer

Last but not least, many thanks to Hideaki who asked me to be his model this round for Utusan Malaysia Chinese New Year interview, and also Christina Foo who did my makeup in such a flawless way I looked like a China porcelain doll with blue curly hair thanks to Vince Hee. I thought I wasn't gonna looked good in curly hair but they made it! And also all the fun photographers and editor of Utusan Malaysia. It was a joyful experience! Another small achievement in life unlocked! LOL.

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Jean said...

me like the pink dress!! <3
proud of u babe!