Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Full of Beans, Straits Quay, Penang

This is my 2nd time to Straits Quay and my first time to visit Full of Beans, a cafe which my secondary school friend - Ruey currently working as barista and manager. Located at Ground Floor beside Healy's Mac, it is a strategic location for those who want some caffeine-fix or something to drink besides of alcohol. 

"Fu" (Luck) of Beans, which sounds just like Full of Beans
I wonder is it Ruey who thought of this

Full of Beans provides wide range of handcrafted specialty coffee which can satisfy your every caffeine needs. They got variety of premium coffee beans from different regions available for coffee lovers to try:

Asia Region:
  • Mandheling(Indonesia)
  • Golden Mandheling(Indonesia)
  • Sumatra Gulden Redelong(Indonesia)

Africa Region:
  • Ethiopia Mocha
  • Ethiopia Harrar
  • Kenya AA
  • Kenya AA Top Karani

American Region:
  • Colombia
  • Brazil Santos
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain R.S.W.

It's the 4th day of Chinese New Year when we visit Full of Beans, it's almost full house! My friend keep making coffee that day we seldom have time to talk, but feel so happy for her that she's living a life that she want and she's happy to have such wonderful time making coffee for the customers.

Posted this photo on Facebook already but still I'm gonna post it here!
Woman who take their career seriously is really charming ain't she?

Had my first cup of coffee made by Ruey!
Sea Salt Latte 

One of the speciality during Chinese New Year is instead of normal cookies, Full of Beans is pairing your cup of coffee with Chinese New Year peanut cookies, adding more CNY vibes to your cuppa of the day!



Chocolate Mint

Milk shake 

I guess I told Ruey that me and my parents don't have high tolerance on caffeine especially at night hence she kinda lessen the caffeine in our coffee, making it mild, so that we can still enjoy a cup of coffee at 9pm lololol. It's been awhile since I last had artisan coffee, my cup of Sea Salt Latte is just what I need, which suits my mood resembling this trip to Penang. 

Did I tell you they have nice cakes available in the cafe too?

Toffee Nut
I love this so much!

New York Cheese
Can't even get a taste of this as my brothers finished it up before I realize booooo!!!

The highlight of the night is trying the coffee brew from siphon coffee brewing method, can't recall the beans that were used to make this round of brew but it taste good, smooth and aromatic. I didn't knew filter coffee can taste so good! I guess it is time to venture into the world of coffee bean!

Watching our coffee brewing is a relaxing thing to do

Siphon Coffee Brewing Method requires close attention, quick and careful technique with precise timing

Can't wait to taste it!

My first try on siphon brew method coffee and I'm loving it!

Thank you so much for having us over Ruey!
Definitely enjoyed our cuppa!

If you're planning a trip to Penang, stop by at Straits Quay to this quaint lil cafe which you will meet friendly baristas with a lot of handcrafted specialty coffee selections! Can't wait to plan another trip to Penang again!

For more information:

Full of Beans Official Facebook Page

Full of Beans Official Website

Contact Number: 04-899 0621

Straits Quay Operation Hour:
Mon - Thurs: 11a.m. - 11p.m.
Fri - Sat: 10a.m. - 12a.m.
Sun: 10a.m. - 11p.m.

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