Saturday, February 20, 2016

How To Create Passport-Photo-Worthy Look

Sawadee Ka from Phuket! Feels great to have a short getaway in the midst of Chinese New Year with my secondary school friends who are also in the same club when we were back in high school! Some vacation that not to be missed! 

If you're one of my Facebook friend, you probably knew that I had my passport updated 2 days before departure date, it was quite a close call as I heard from friends that there are some cases where they can't even get queuing numbers for few days. I was quite stressed out when I found out that I have to send my brother to college before I can go to UTC Sentul, but turns out that it was quite empty at the immigration centre, probably because of weekdays.

Got my passport renewed in just 53minutes wooohooo!!!

New vs Old Passport photo
Can clearly see that I gained weight FML
So please don't tell me I didn't. T_T

Another stressful thing for girls who wanna renew their I.C or Passport is - how to look good in the identification document photo. These documents follow us for quite a long period, and we wanna look the very best of it, so I decided to make a post of how I do my "Passport-Photo-Worthy" makeup for my passport photo. 


Concealer is a MUST! If you have pimples, acne scars, visible redness, spots, scars, use concealer to conceal it to look like you have flawless skin! Especially if you didn't had a good night sleep and dark eye circles are bad, you might wanna use more concealer around your eyes area to make yourself look wide awake. I slabbed tons of this on my face that day, terrible skin condition lately boohoo.

Don't forget your neck areas

I'm in love with Laneige BB Cushion lately as it is light but with good coverage and make my skin look dewy instead of oily! After you put on foundation on your face, don't forget to put some around your neck area for even skin tone and possibly covering up some ageing signs like lines around my neck lol.

Brow Bone Highlight

After drawing my brows, I use Benefit's High Brow to highlight my brow bones to make my brows look more define as well as making my feature pop-up more than usual. It's god-given to be flat-face Asian but with the power of makeup, at least there's some difference I can make. lol.

Two Tone Eyeshadow

Drew a two tone eyeshadow on that day by using NARS's Eye Paint "Porto Venere" and duo eyeshadow palette "St-Paul-De-Vence". Eye paint as base and I use a darker brown colour eyeshadow to create a "deep-eye-sockets" make. It is to create an illusion that you have bigger eyes with double eyelids. Makeup can be pretty deceiving ain't it? Hahahaha.


Another MUST do when it comes to photo taking as it will make your face feature pops! Shading technique has become a hype overseas as you can see there are so many makeup tutorials about shading your face area, creating a makeup look that can sometimes look nothing like your face. Too bad I haven't acquire that technique yet, so I'm doing subtle shading on both side of my cheeks and also side of my nose area.


Use a non-shimmer highlight powder to highlight my nose bridge, upper lip and chin because as the flash fire off, highlight powder with shimmer might make your face look oily as you don't know how long you'll wait till your turn so might as well play safe and use non-shimmer highlight powder when it comes to strobing.

Conceal your lip line

Do you know dark lip lines make you look older than your age? This is why Koreans' gradient lip make is one of the trend when it comes to lip colour as it requires concealing your lip lines before applying lip colour to the center area of your lips. Apply a brighter-than-your-lips lip colour to make yourself look fresh and ready to go out and take the world!

Voila! My passport photo makeup!

With the right amount of contouring, strobing, good eyebrows day, eyeshadow technique, lip colour, you'll never afraid to take photo at immigration office for your identification documents again! I might wanna lose some weight before I change my I.C photo because no amount of makeup could hide my chubby cheeks lol.

Bon Weekend!!!


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Reiko, you look....exceptionally beautiful!!! *fangirling* lol

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