Monday, February 8, 2016

The Year of Monkey

Today marks the start of Fire Monkey year 丙申年, how's your Chinese New Year holiday so far? Ipoh weather is hot like on fire as usual! Where's the so called cooling weather that everybody was saying before Chinese New Year? Lol 

But good weather means it is great for an outdoor #OOTD shots. Took some shots at the rooftop and am loving the blue sky as background.

Wore this new dress on this day which I purchased 2 years back when I first visited Bangkok with Peiyue. Lol! I'm a keeper eh?! Lol. A tad bit too short to my height so I guess this will be the first and last time I'm wearing this dress, am gonna help it find a more suitable owner. 

It has bee a great start of the year so far that I'm on newspaper and local TV program in one week. Feeling grateful to all the opportunities and support I get from everyone. Hope to have more chances to be in shows, magazines and sorts this year of Fire Monkey! 

Last but not least, a wonderful and prosperous Chinese New Year to all of you who celebrating and happy holidays to everyone! 

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