Saturday, March 5, 2016

From Blueberry to Strawberry

Literally from blue hair to pink hair. Thank you Jolleen and the help of SC I managed to have this dreamy colour of pink for Chinese New Year! To be honest I always think pink colour is too sweet for me I can't imagine myself in pink apparels at all it is just too sweet and not me. Ewww! lol.

Then here I am, roaming around the streets of KL and events with pink hair. lol. Life's unpredictable eh. Wanna try more colours before I go back to the norm. 

As usual, bleach is such a bitch. 

It has been months since I last touch up my hair roots so it required bleaching to get an even colour of pink. As time goes by my scalp was weaken by the bleaching process, hence it is harder to let the bleach stay on my hair for a longer period... Hence the slightly uneven hint of orange of the end result this round. 

Using EVO's Fabuloso Pro for this round too!
I find that these two colour combination nice too? Next colour perhaps?

Fall in love with the colour immediately!

Life-size anime character lololol. Thank you so much for my hair colour! Now my life is complete hahahaha. Well I guess this will be the last few drastic colours on my hair since I'm planning of growing my hair and bleaching isn't helping at all. lol. Many of my friends look down on me when I tell them I'm planning of growing my hair so I have to prove them wrong lolololol. 

Here's a vid of the hair changing process: 

I'm a fucking unicorn babeh! lol.

I'm patiently waiting the right time for my next hair colour change! What colour shall it be?

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