Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's Time to 'Make It Happen'!

"Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline" has been the tagline of Malaysia's no.1 makeup brand for the past years and I can still hear the song of the ads resound in my head. Now, with the new inspiration from Maybelline New York, "Make It Happen" is the brand new tagline of Maybelline worldwide. It is a tagline of courage, confidence, positivity and full of possibilities when pairing your life with Maybelline's makeup!

Women nowadays are more goal-driven and loaded with go-getter spirit when it comes to living their lives, the 'IT' in the 'Make It Happen' tagline is a powerful word as it can represents anything, any possibility that a woman can make it happen, to define beauty in her own terms, to live her life in her own way and make anything she wants happen! 

In conjunction of launching the 'Make It Happen' tagline, Maybelline Malaysia has highlighted a group of 'IT Girls' from diverse background and interest who share common passion in pursuing their own life goals. 3 of them were present at the launch and they look stunning, spirited and expressive!

From Left to Right: Elisya, Zamrina and JXhia

Each from different background, Maybelline It Girls shared with guests their passion in their career and also their favourite makeup item from Maybelline that helped transform their looks, giving them a boost in confidence as well as courage and positivity to take down the goals that they set in their life. By expressing ones creativity through makeup, showing her confidence look and looking at herself in a more positive light really make good things happen in your life. 

Aside from Maybelline It Girls, 3 finalists from Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 4 were present too as Maybelline is the proud official makeup sponsors of the reality show. One of the finalist is our home girl Tuti and it's been quite some time since I last saw her! Can't wait to see her looks being touch up by Maybelline's Makeup Maestro StevenSunny on the spot. 

All of them looks so stunning after the golden touch of Maybelline makeup. Both Maybelline It Girls and ANTM finalists are carrying the Maybelline's IT-Look, the latest makeup lookbook of Maybelline using their makeup products to create different looks: from nude, bold, fresh, dolly to vivid looks, all can be achieve using Maybelline's makeup products. 

Maybelline IT Girls, StevenSunny and ANTM finalists. 

So glad to catch up with this girl Arisa during the event

The latest 'Make It Happen' commercial from Maybelline New York:

So it's time to start to make your life happen! Make It Happen!

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