Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Went to a 2 days 1 night Staycation trip with my girl Jean over the weekend. It was a relaxed and fun-filled mini getaway. Our schedule consist of eat-checkin-massage-eat-sightseeing-eat-sightseeing-sleep-eat-eat-checkout! LOL! Look at how many times we've ate in less than 24 hours. Crazy girls.

Well anyway while I was waiting for this girl to do her makeup early in the morning, the sunlight that came in from the windows, the white bedsheets and pillows, her good-looking face, literally everything in that fresh crisp morning creates a picture-perfect view and I was like "why not snap some of her photos while she's doing her makeup, it could be fun" and voilĂ , I snapped these. Probably the only thing missing in these photos is that I wish I could have a better camera on hand that moment. 

Captured by iPhone5S with VSCO post editing, mainly using F2 filters with slight exposure/contrast adjustment.

I used to ask Peiyue to be my model, do her makeup by myself and take tons of photos of her! We would laugh at the photos but it was fun. I guess one of my hidden hobby is taking photos of my pretty friends. This sounded less weird in my head. lol. 

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Jean said...

a blogpost dedicated to me omfg!
and didn't notice you took so many photos!