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Mr. Wolf, Taman SEA, PJ

As you drive along LDP, you probably noticed this signage of Mr. Wolf located at Taman SEA, SS23. With a ground floor level restaurant and first floor cozy lounge bar, Mr. Wolf is howling its existence to diners who are looking for modern-contemporary cuisine at this area.  

Clean and spacious with quirky images, motivational quotes, simple wood furniture interior and swing chairs, it is not hard to notice that chef Bryan Tan and his wolfpack takes their guests seriously as they offer ultimate comfortableness and wanted them to have a great dining experience. Waiter and waitresses are well-trained and very attentive to guests needs. It must've been the oversea chef-working experience of Bryan's that make him willing to go extra miles to ensure guests' satisfaction.

Chef Bryan Tan

Our dining experience was divided into 4 section: Brunch from their brunch menu which is available on Friday and weekends, bar food, mains and dessert. Basically we had our daily 3 meals in one go! lol. So first serve are brunches from brunch menu:

Mr. Wolf Pigbig Breakfast, RM32

Jamon Serrano Benedict, RM28

Streaky Bacon Benedict, RM22

Our lavish brunch from Mr. Wolf wakens our appetite for more! Mr. Wolf Pigbig Breakfast is definitely enough for appetite of two girls! Tonkatsu pull pork on toast which tasted very Japanese, poached eggs, pork sausage, streaky bacons, roasted potatoes, grilled tomato and salad, hollandaise sauce. The roasted potatoes caught me in surprise because it was amazingly good! The truffle sauced Jamon Serrano Benedict is for truffle lover because from afar I can already smell the aroma of truffle hollandaise sauce on the cured spanish ham (white pig) and poached eggs on english muffins. The combination really did surprised me as the taste of truffle blends well with cured spanish ham, poached eggs and english muffins, definitely mood-setting to take down the day with this! Streaky Bacon Benedict offers load of streaky bacon and poached eggs on english muffins but instead of hollandaise sauce, Mr. Wolf uses sriracha mayo to give a hint of spicy-creamy asian taste to this staple western breakfast. 

After breakfast, we were served with bar food which I heard they go beyond the ordinary when serving bar snacks which made huge impressions to a lot of guests.

Deep Fried Baby Crabs, School Prawns with Chilli Lime Dressing, RM15

Tiger Beer Battered Soft Shell Crab Buns wth Kimchi Mayo and Caramelized Onion, RM12 per bun

Baby crabs and school prawns snacks when dipped in chilli lime dressing refreshes my taste bud immediately. It's crunchy and yet tasteful texture is superbly appetizing, definitely wanted a drink or two to go with this dish. Their soft shell crab slider is TO-DIE-FOR! No joke. I've never had soft shell crab slider this mouthwatering and pure satisfaction with each bite. Its crispy soft shell crab paired with soft bun with slight tangy kimchi mayo sauce and caramelized onion is a perfect combo which approved by all the foodies that night and is highly recommended. I want one now!

After some hoohaa bout the bar food, here comes the mains of the night:

Pan Fried Hokkaido Scallop, Cauliflower Puree, Avruga Caviar, Aojiso Truffle Dressing, French Bean and Quinoa

Crispy Skin Salmon, Edamame, Somen and Mentaiko Sauce

Slow Roasted Chicken, Tomato Jam, Black Funghi and Beanshoot Salad, Fried Quinoa, Grilled Baby Corn, Curry Leaf infused Buttermilk Sauce

Braised Char Siew Pork Belly, Crispy Pork Hock, Nahm Prik, Pickled Papaya and Cucumber Salad

Sous Vide Pork Loin, Sautéed Mix Mushroom, Kimchi Vegetables, Soft Boiled Eggs, Coriander Jus

The bold combinations when it comes to the mains shows Mr. Wolf offer something more than ordinary. Juicy big Hokkaido Scallops is covered with truffle dressing and cauliflower dressing that each mouthful of scallops delivers the smoothness blend of both combination, it is appetizing and fulfilling with quinoa and french beans. Crispy Skin Salmon Somen is definitely for the salmon and mentaiko sauce lover like me. It is rich and creamy, dip the fresh and crispy salmon into the mentaiko sauce and with every spoonful of somen, it taste like heaven melted inside my mouth. So yums!

Slow Roasted Chicken looks like your ordinary chicken rice but it's not. The chicken meat are juicy and tender and the combination between tomato jam and curry leaf infused buttermilk sauce is something new to my taste bud. Pair with tummy-filling quinoa, it is the chicken rice from the west! Braised Char Siew Pork Belly comes in a whole thick block of pork belly which is marinated and braised well, each slices cut from the block is mouthwatering and I could really swallow the whole block of char siew just by myself. The Nahm Prik spicy thai sauce added an excitement to the taste of char siew and of course, how could I forget to mention the crispy pork hock that is so uniquely done. Last but not least our mains of the night came to and end with the Sous Vide Pork Loin which is a lil bit well done in my opinion. For my own prefence I prefer the Char Siew Pork Belly than the pork loin.

A meal isn't done yet without any dessert, and we were presented with the latest addition of Mr. Wolf's menu - Nutella Doughnuts. Crispy crust on the outside and soft texture on the inside, filled with load of Nutella which burst inside your mouth. It is a "surprisingly" delicious dessert that will left you wanting for more!

Nutella Doughnuts

You can load more nutella and salted caramel into your doughnuts before you pop them into your mouth!

It was a wonderful meal time at Mr. Wolf all thanks to the alpha from the wolfpack - Chef Bryan and his team that satisfied our hunger and stuff us with the bold combination of modern-contemporary east-meet-west dishes. Definitely took my taste buds on a roller coaster ride! If you feel wanting more, or up to a second round, the wolf den just one level above will always welcome you!

Good time, Mr. Wolf.

For more information:

Mr. Wolf Official Website

Mr. Wolf Official Facebook Page

5, Jalan SS23/11 Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya, 47400, Malaysia
(Closed on Mondays)

Friday: 11:00AM - 02:30PM
Saturday - Sunday: 10:00AM - 02:30PM
Tuesday - Sunday: 06:00PM - 10:30PM

Tuesday - Sunday: 05:00PM - late

Call. 03-7886 1098 

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