Monday, April 4, 2016

Tokyo Kitchen, Berjaya Times Square, KL

"Your startup disk is almost full." Received this notification on my MacBook Pro so I decided to force myself look into my iPhoto and delete those unwanted shots/ multiple shots/ selfies to clear up some space for my laptop, and then I discovered these photos which marks me and Peiyue's visit to Tokyo Kitchen located inside Berjaya Times Square. 

Although I'm not even sure whether the restaurant still exist today because I haven't been to Times Square for quite some time, but these photos are the remnants of fun loving memories and I think of sharing my happiness on my blog. All happening on one lovely day in November, 2013.

I remembered by then Tokyo Kitchen just opened at Berjaya Times Square, hence we decided to pay a visit before our shopping spree. lol.

Pretty missy

The cool corner of Tokyo Kitchen - Ema (Wooden wishing plaques) that you normally seen inside the shrines of Japan. 

These are the food that we had that day, which I have no memory of how they taste like. Most probably average taste because if they were tasty, I could've remember, right? lol.

Chuka Kurage, one my favourite Japanese appetiser.

garlic fried rice

Ala Carte Sushis

Then I eyed at this super long sashimi dish and thought it would be fun to take photo with! Although my parents always advice "Don't play with your food" since young but no harm do it once in awhile right? Hahaha.

Super long can!

And then I became the legendary long tongue woman!
And yes, I still had long hair back then!

Matcha ice cream and brownies for dessert

OOTD shots, 3 years back!

Since there's this Ema wall corner inside the restaurant, I guess no harm writing my wishes on it. Although my wish didn't came true. lol. 

It is always fun trying out new places with my girls and I'm glad that we're still who we were back then today! You don't need a big bunch of friends in life, all you need is just a few that wouldn't turn their back on you, and I'm glad I found them in my life.

*No information of the restaurants avaialable due to the uncertain availability of restaurant. 

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