Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Anne Elizabeth The Deli Restaurant, Taman Segar, KL

Whenever me and Peiyue passed by Taman Segar, she would told me Facebook posts she read about Anne Elizabeth and finally, we get to try this porky deli restaurant who got everyone queueing up looking for empty seats during dinner hours even on weekdays!

Look at the insane crowd on a Tuesday night

Thought it will be wise to have dinner at Anne Elizabeth on weekday dinner hours but turn out there's long queue even though it rained heavily an hour before our arrival. The heavy rain can't put out the burning passionate flame of food hunters eh? Jammed all the way from Setapak and late for an hour, pity my teacher Pn. Chew waited for us for an hour and finished her meal before we even arrived.

After ordered drinks at our table, we headed into the restaurant to place order for food choices.

The Menu

Look at all these yummilicious pork delis. 

It took us a while to browse through all the choices of sausages, bacons and hams that are available, there are just so many and I wanted to try them all! In the end these are what we've ordered for our dinner:

Creamy Mushroom & Bacon Soup, RM9 

Although the mushroom soup doesn't taste superbly rich and creamy with mushroom bits and was a tiny bit watery, the bacon bits did compliment the soup in another way by adding taste and chewy texture to the bowl of soup.  

Mashed Potato, RM6.90
Peppered mashed potato with aromatic gravy sauce, this smooth mushy potato is such a wonderful delight for starved tummy like ours while waiting for our mains to be done cooking. 

Portobello Mushroom, RM7.45(per piece)

I remember the first thing Peiyue told me that she wanted is this Portobello Mushroom filled with cheese. We're cheese fanatics, really am, and this portobello mushroom satisfied our appetite for both cheese and mushroom. It would be wonderful if they added some bacon bits to the melting cheese, totally best served hot! 

Bacon & Cheese Pasta, RM21.90
Another cheese dish of the night. Pasta was perfectly cooked, coated with cheese sauce, parmesan cheese and bacon bits. Each and every bite of this pasta is calling for another bite more. I hope it is not me for being to hungry which made me bias in my taste of this dish. 

Our selection of the night
Streaky Bacon - 5 pieces RM16.20
Back Bacon - 5 pieces RM16.20
Pork Ribs - RM25.90
Hungarian Sausage - RM11.90
Pork Cheese Sausage - RM6.90

These are our selection of bacons and sausages of the night. They marinated all these superbly well, each and every bite of the pork ribs are tender and juicy, same goes to the bacons and sausages. I can taste the freshness of meat and I'm starting to understand the hype about Anne Elizabeth and people queueing up for these! 3 adults 1 kid shared a plate of this and got our belly filled with all these porkylicious goodness! And not to forget, they have pretty good service as our needs are attended to immediately and the friendly owner greet us with warm and lovely smile too!

Overall, it was a yummy dinner and a treat by my teacher for thanking my help months ago to makeup her students in a dance competition. Thank you for this wonderful dinner teacher, it was a warm gathering too as it has been months since I last meet Pn. Chew and Jason, and I'm glad we had a fun conversation over all these délicatesse to be remember!

For More Information:

Anne Elizabeth Facebook Page

Address: 1, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. 

Hours: Saturday-Thursday, 12pm-11pm. (Closed on Friday)

Contact Number: 03 91300319

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