Sunday, June 19, 2016

Find Love Through Rose Coloured Glass

When I meet someone attractive, I would love to strike an interesting conversation with him and try to leave good impression and hopefully from there starts an great journey of relationship be it friendship or love (hopefully the latter ones lol).

But the truth is, whenever I meet someone attractive, I would've been tongue-tied. Or even when I'm not, my conversation would be rather boring and dull compare to the interesting topics I talk with my friends. Therefore, expect silence from me if you first meet me and I find you're attractive hahahahaha. 

Later on, I found another way to increase my *charisma* among those whom I wish to strike an interesting conversation, it is by consume a few sips of alcohol. I'm not an alcohol person as I suspect myself is alcohol-allergic. I will get cold, heart pounding like someone try to break out from it, headache, and vomit all night. My conditions are bad if too much alcohol intake but just a few sips does wonders! 

Was invited to Mixology Cocktail Appreciation Night held at ICE Gallery, Pantai Sentral Park and it was one hella cool place to held such an event at. And best of all, I manage to get my woman Jean on the invitation for this cocktail event as everybody knows she's a cocktail lover, she would definitely appreciates the drinks more than I could!

Cool sculpture

My date of the night, managed to doll her up in my lipstick too!

This Mixology Cocktail Appreciation Night invited Joshua Ivanovic, professional mixologist and 42 Below Cocktail World Cup 2008 Champion, representing Cocktails-Solutions and Pernord-Ricard Malaysia to specially curate cocktails for all the guests that night. Did I tell you that he's such an eye candy when he's mixing the cocktails that night that got everyone snapping photos of him? 

I guess the only words to describe him at work is "SEXY"!

Warm-up drinks specially made by Joshua Ivanovic
I love this raspberry cocktail mix using Absolute ELYX

While we're sipping our cocktails and chit-chatting with other guests, I can't help but notice how beautiful the settings around us are. ICE Gallery of Pantai Sentral Park is a gallery showroom with beautiful sculptures of future construction developments at the area and it is promised to be one of the advance green living concept around Klang Valley.

Look at these beautiful structure of buildings that resembles mountains

And the highlight of the night at this beautiful place would be this:

short tête-à-tête session with Joshua

Being cocktail world cup champion and entrepreneur who have his own cocktail bar business after worked for famous bars around the world, Joshua's satisfaction comes from when guests appreciates the cocktail he made as every cup/glass of cocktail are being put 120% effort to curate into perfection. Simple classics selections are Joshua's favourite as classic never gets old, some lucky guests were invited to make Martini with Joshua.

The hardest part in preparing a glass of Martini is the stirring part

In order to prepare Martini, a lot of ice are needed and the art of stirring/swirling in semi-vigorous manner after the mix pour into glass pitcher. The ice friction will cause a chain reaction of cold and by gently stirring it will not bruise the gin (changes of taste in gin). Ice melt dilution need to be observe during the progress and Joshua is very good in this!

The Mixology Cocktail Appreciation Night ended with laughter after two sessions guests making Martini and Dirty Martini and after me and Jean finished sipping our glass of cocktail, we decided to roam around ICE Gallery to catch some fresh air. My alcohol-intolerance is making me tipsy with just one glass of cocktail. lol.

And guess what, we found some beautiful place to take photos too - fairy lights!

Playing with beautiful lil flowers that randomly grow at roadside is fun

Feeling the Coachella vibe lol

Well it seems that my charisma level isn't going up that night for enabling strangers to come talk to me or me them but it was fun learning the steps of preparing Martini and also having fun conversations and doing silly stuff with Jean after some drink. I guess I'll have to level up my drink game next round.

"Mind if I get drunk with you?"

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