Friday, June 24, 2016

Let's Go Bananas for Summer Fun

Summer Solstice was just Tuesday, it means that summer is officially here! What I hear most from my friends are: I wanna go to the beach! I would shout along: ME TOO! But getting tie up with jobs and issues lately I don't have the time to runaway, so might as well enjoy my time staying in this city and try to make some fun out from it.

Luckily, there's some way that I can make happy while strolling around the city of Kuala Lumpur, which is Kipling's latest Summer Pre-Fall 2016 Collection, which summer fun were induced into these bright, happy looking and yet sturdy crinkled nylon bags. 

Navy green and fauna motifs 

Happy Colours for Back To School Series: Clas Seoul
How I wish I have these as schoolbag, would've be the cool kid at school

Another cool collection found at the corner

A room full of happy-ness!

Cyrah S Trolley Bag in red!
Imagine having this as your luggage and you can spot your awesome bag from the luggage belt rightaway!

There quite some times at airport that I stand at the luggage belt waiting for my luggage to arrive, and I saw similar looking-luggage and realise it wasn't mine, or doubt that is it that my luggage where in fact that's really my luggage. LOL. I bet confusion definitely can be rule out with these bright colours unique Kipling travel bags.

I love these sky blue colour bags so much!

And there's more:

Perfect for some summer fun time!

Now let's just go and see the showcase presentation of Summer Pre-Fall Collection 2016

These travel looks are totally going on magazine spread

Have a look on the showcase presentation of Kipling's Summer Fun 2016:

I want basically everything at the showcase presentation.  *slowly becoming a Kipling fan* Right after the showcase, we were brought outdoor and I saw this huge yellow monkey bus! It is the KL Hop-On Hop-Off collaborated with Kipling and created this Summer Bus and painted the town with yellow and monkeys!

We get to hop-on to this bus and tour around my city!

And did you know, throughout the month of June, this Kipling Summer  Bus is actually the key for the "Count the Kipling Monkeys" contest where winners will stand a chance to walk away with Kipling bags! To take part in this fun contest it is easy as counting bananas, you'll just have to:
  1. Catch the Kipling Summer Bus and roadshows and activities
  2. Count the number of monkeys on the exterior of bus
  3. Submit your entry with creative caption on Kipling's Faceoook

There's also another Kipling Summer Selfie contest for selfie lovers. Just take your best selfie with the Kipling Summer Bus or Kipling monkeys on the bus, upload to Instagram and use these hashtags: #MyKipling and #KiplingSummerFun16 to redeem exclusive Kipling merchandise on the spot! 

Last but not least, if you're always dreaming of going for sponsore summer vacation, Kipling might grant your wish! Spend RM500 and above at Kipling's store and you might stand a chance to win yourself flight tickets worth more than RM30,000! Okay I'm in! I'm gonna bring this girl to fly around the world with me:

What's more fun that spending Summer time with Svmm3r?

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