Monday, June 20, 2016

LINE Disney Tsum Tsum: Cinderella Event

"Have courage and be kind", "a dream is a wish your heart makes", "no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true", these are all the fine quotes of Cinderella both movies and animation taught me since I was little, and I still find myself humming songs from the cartoon now and then. 

Cinderella is one of the animation that influenced me since my childhood that being kind is the true way in dealing with every single matter in the world. Words cannot describe how elated I was watching the Cinderella movie last year and now, LINE Disney Tsum Tsum Japan has released a Cinderella event for players to relive the magical world of Cinderella again.

While LINE Disney Tsum Tsum US is having Star Wars event (which I've already done playing 2000 years ago Mwa-Ha-Ha) I've just completed the Cinderella event. Here's the simple walkthrough of this event:

Cinderella Event: Collect the magic in bottle and dress-up Cinderella

While accepting the challenge, each game you play there will be bottles filled with magic points drop in the Tsums and you need to break the bottle and collect magic points by using bombs or skills of your Tsum.

And if you're lucky, the magic bottle that broke will sometimes contained a Magical Party Time invitation which entitled you for a 12 seconds pure magic bottle breaking session.

There are 20 Cards throughout this event, upon completion there will be a Cinderella pin as reward!

Of course, clearing each and every card give you some rewards, such as hearts, coins, and bonus items.
Oh did I mentioned that Prince Charming Tsum is one of the reward too?

And here's how the game playing session looks like. I'm using Princess Leia as my Tsum ever since I got her as she is one of the Tsum that combines bombing skill as well as coin collecting efficiency in one Tsum, which is the qualities that I needed to complete the challenge.

Using Cinderella and Fairy Godmother will earn you extra magical point bonus but sadly I haven't attain either of them Tsum in my collection boo-hoo.

And as aforementioned, some magic bottles contained invitation to a Magical Party Time which allows you to break as many magic bottles as you could in 12 seconds to collect magical points to complete all the 20 cards. Too bad points aren't allowed to bring forward for the next card.

When clearing my card number 2

Clearing each and every card will help dress-up Cinderella in one of the 3 cards

Three version of Cinderella: Cinderella in the Pink dress that she made for herself to attend the royal ball, Cinderella in the magical blue dress which her Fairy Godmother granted her wish and last but not least, Cinderella in her wedding dress.

By completing one of the card, the reward is Prince Charming Tsum. By using his skill, you can see both him and Cinderella waltz down the screen and clear Tsums from their dance path.

At last, the completion of Cinderella event entitled an exclusive Cinderella pin for name decorating purpose. 

I've used up around 120-150 hearts to complete this event and these are some of the statistics of the my gaming experience:

  • Average magical points collected: 35
  • Highest magical points collected per game: 45
  • Lowest magical points collected per game: 15
  • Highest magical points collected for Magical Party Time: 210 
  • Lowest magical points collected for Magical Party Time: 155

I guess I'll still try for my luck for getting Cinderella and Fairy Godmother Tsums while the event is still going on because both of the Tsums come with special theme song, I'll definitely want Cinderella Tsum that plays the song"A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes" as it's my favourite song from the

Till next event!

For more information:

LINE Disney Tsum Tsum Japan - App Store

LINE Disney Tsum Tsum Japan - Google Play

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