Thursday, June 16, 2016

Make Happy with Kipling Spring Summer 2016

I love to go on a date. Which girl doesn't right? I remember the first time I went to a date was with my secondary school puppy love and it was kinda like a disaster. We're both 14, 15 years old, go on a date with my besties by taking LRT to KLCC and so many silly things happened. 

I still remember how I felt embarassed when he's standing at the exit barrier of LRT waiting for his LRT ticket to come out, which it's not gonna after credit being deducted. I know it's bad to felt embarassing because of some silly things your partner did but how was I gonna know at such young age? Can't help but laughed back at myself right now and glad that I know better. 

If you ask me one of my dream date location, I would say it will be the Zoo. I love to sink myself in the sound of nature, the Old Mother Nature's recipe is good for both body and soul, and the songs of animals singing made me feel like I'm a little child again. I would love to see both myself and my loved ones happily walking and running and laughing among the animals while learning more bout them. 

When Kipling extended their invitation to me and my friend for the premiere of The Jungle Book, I was so happy because I watched the animated version of Jungle Book when I was little and I can still hum Baloo's Bare Necessities song today! It was one of my happy childhood memories my parents instilled in me and I'm so excited that with Kipling, refreshing this fond memory of mine has been refreshed in a happier colours!

Kipling Spring Summer Collection 2016

What does Kipling have to do with Jungle Book you may ask. The author of Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling is where the brand's name originate from! Three friends who created the sporty, functional and affordable crinkled nylon fabrics bags liked the tale of Jungle Book where spirit of fun and adventure took place in the story which founders of Kipling would like those spirit be found in the bags that they made too and spread it all over the world. 

Aside from Kipling Spring Summer Collection 2016, the event introduced KAEON Collection of Kipling which has the casual yet feminine touch. Designed to satisfy modern women's needs for bags that are vibrant in colour, functional with distinctive designs, KAEON collection catches my eyes at the event. 

Leopard among the Kiplings

My favourite will be this Blocky Friend from the KAEON Collection

Movie Date of the night

Kipling makes me happy!

Remake of Jungle Book didn't disappoint at all! All of them furry animals looked so real as if Mowgli is a real person who lives in this real world. The story flow and actions did made me stay on the edge of my seat most of the time and I realised I didn't really managed to breathed deeply throughout the movie because it was so tensed! Most of all managed to watch this movie with my best friend really made my night!

Last but not least, managed to donned in the leopard print Mad-To-Measure dress of Melson Kuala Lumpur feels like strawberry topping on a fresh cream cake! Thank you Melvin for the pretty dress, love it!

tell me I look fabulous in this!

Last over-exposure photo to end this wonderful post
Happening night for both of us. I swear I saw her jumped from her seat when Shere Khan charged towards the screen lol!

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