Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mint Green is The New Black

I ran out of idea, literally, on what colour should I change my hair colour to. As you know the fickle minded and easily bored personality of  a Gemini can be hard to satisfy when there's nothing new to her unsatisfying need of changing. Thank god for Jolleen for suggesting "mint green" and that kinda crossed this colour of my hair colour bucket list!

To achieve mint green colour on asian dark hair based was never easy. Bleaching process have to be done perfectly to eliminate dark colours on hair in order to show the mint green. I love all kind of hair colour but it is the bleaching process that gives me shivers as it will make my scalp sensitive and therefore the pain that comes with it. 

This time with a different mixture of bleach, Jolleen and Daniel managed to bleach my hair without any sensitive issues occured! Therefore this time the bleaching process is a breeze, making it easy for the mint green to be coloured on my hair. 

I've recorded some videos during the process and made it into a short clip. 40 over seconds of clip cannot describe the few hours time I have to sit on the chair waiting for each process to take time and change my hair into something new. But I tell you the outcome of these hours spent is totally worth it! 

And voilĂ !

It is not exactly a vavavoom colour to look at as it is more subtle on my hair comparing to those high contrast mint green colour on others, but I like it! It matches with my attitude nowadays as I'm thinking of stepping down from the hair colour game and give myself and my hair some rest. Too much exciting colours for last two years has dulled my senses, I need to give myself some time off, to receive inspiration and start anew.

Just like learning a new language, having new hair colour can be quite life changing in some sense. I always encourage my friends around me to change their hairstyle and colours whenever they asked for my advise as I know how wonderful one can feel with all the confidence when one owns a beautiful crown on their head!

Last but not least, thank you to Jolleen, Daniel and EVO Fabuloso Pro for their wonderful patience and this hair colour. Every hair colour I changed, it breathes new personality into me, changing me and mold me into someone that I wouldn't know I would be.

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