Sunday, August 28, 2016

Earthlings Coffee Workshop, CityOne MegaMall, Kuching, Sarawak

One of the happiest moment in this month of August was traveled to East Malaysia - Kuching with my gang for 6 days and everyday there's funny events and interesting places we discovered. This trip is the my 2nd visit to Kuching (first was a business trip) and I'm glad we made it to all sorts of places and discovered the beauty of Kuching that makes me wanna come here more often.

Our main purpose of this trip is Rainforest World Music Festival, and everyday to find parking around that area is a challenging task. I shall blog about RWMF another time as I didn't really take much photos this round, so waiting photos from all the other photographers of this trip. Since the RWMF starts their workshops around noon, what do we do before that? We eat and drink.

We searched Foursquare and found this place called Earthlings Coffee Workshop that located nearby our accommodation area so we decided to give it a try. 

Earthy tone, wooden themed

The colours of green leaves and wooden interior deco match is 100% on point.

Indoor interior

We were greeted by the friendly barista and found out that Earthlings Coffee Workshop offer a wide range of artisan coffee as well as coffee beans from all over the world. The barista there possessed the knowledge of coffee beans, as well as give us some good recommendation about cakes too.

One thing about travel in bunch is that we can ordered different food and have a taste of each without having to sweat we ordered too much or something. So here are all the drinks we had that morning and kinda includes each and every aspect on the drink list. Might be explaining our personalities too eh? lol.

Jean's Cappuccino, RM11.50

Bryan'sJanice's Freddo Chocolate, RM13

My Lemongrass Ginger Tea, RM7.50

Janice's Bryan'sWarm & Fuzzy, RM12.50
(mixed up both Janice and Bryan's order hahaha)

Ronald's Matcha Latte, RM13

Fei's Single Origin, RM20

Delicious Chocolate Moist Cake, RM11.50

It's pretty amazing that despite we've already spent so much time together for the past few days, we are still able to talk more during our tea session. This trip to Kuching, Sarawak really help bonds our friendship together into a stronger relationship and I really hope it stays this way (or stronger, of course).

Jean went to toilet and came back with a bottle of glittery nail polish.
I'm the manicurist for the day

Group photo at every destination is a must for this trip!

For more information:

Earthlings Coffee Workshop Official Facebook Page

+6082 337066

Lot No. 45, Ground Floor
No. 1, CityONE Megamall, 
Jalan Song


Janice Phua said...

mine is the ice chocolate and Bryan is the hot one leh.

anyway missed the trip with you guys !

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

I keep thinking you ordered a healthier drinks and Bryan's order gonna be the cheeky one. lol.

Missed it already, we should plan for next trip already!

KY said...

the kopi looks so pretty!