Friday, August 19, 2016

I'm A Princess for A Day!

Not just anywhere, I was literally being treated as a princess and pampered at Genting Grand's M Spa & Fitness alongside with Jean weeks ago. On a Genting-going frenzy lately but it was fun, I really like the cold weather there and of course, with the right companion and nice treatment I had from everyone at Genting, there's nothing to complaint of!

Genting Highland has changed a lot lately and they've added a few new venues to spice things up. M Spa & Fitness is located inside Genting Grand's Hotel Lobby, just a few steps in and you'll be taken to a serene spa and fitness centre relaxing vibes that is totally different from the fun-filled pace outside. 

I'm ready to be pamper!

bright and spacious

Upon arrival, we're greeted with refreshing cucumber welcome drinks

Aside from spa, there are fitness and workout studio that caters for different needs of relaxation by sweating it out. The spacious gym and workout studio that overlook soon-to-be-complete 20th Century Fox theme park which I believe it'll be an awesome view for workout.

For those who didn't have luxurious of free time, maybe manicure and pedicure can be another way to relax. Just seeing nails being painted beautifully really ease my mind. 

After touring around the 18,200 sq ft of M Spa & Fitness, finally it's time for us to change and start our pampering session for the day. If you have any valuable belongings, you can either put them in safety box section available at the counter at Female Locker entrance or use this unique sensor lock locker. What's best is there's no password needed!

Just hold and wait for the beep, voila!

The female spa area includes few section such as jacuzzi, steam room and sauna room. It is all up to me and Jean to explore the places and adjust our own timing to visit each section.

Why am I putting on a serious face? Probably just wanna cover up how elated I was before dipping into the jacuzzi lololol

Although I haven't been to Taiwan nor Japan, but I've heard about their onsen how girls are to be completely naked before going into the onsen pool. Although M Spa doesn't imply the "all must be naked rule", but it is my first time experiencing jacuzzi with my friend and to be honest I feel a bit shy! Hahahahaha

But after some mentally adjustment I was like "whatever" and feeling all comfy with the disposable bra top and panty. If you're not comfortable with just the two piece, you can request for a T Shirt like the one Jean is wearing. How thoughtful of them for girls who are tad bit shy. 

Just by sitting in this jacuzzi pool we are all blushing red and sweaty
Talk about exercising in water.

Lounge area for a short breather before proceed to steam and sauna room

Sauna room

It is advisable to be in both room 10 minutes each and not more than that. I can feel my fats burning and sweat a lot while sitting in this these two rooms. First is the steam room, second is the sauna room. The difference between steam and sauna is just dry heat or moist heat as both of these room are for relaxation, loosen up muscles and open up pores. 

Natural flush after jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms
No wonder they say girls look best right after shower lololol

Lucky for me and Jean, since we come in pair we get to choose a couple for our facial and full body Balinese massage session. One of the happiest moment in a girl's life should be massage session, especially with skillful, experienced masseuses from Bali.

Since we already had our jacuzzi session at the female spa area, hence we're not gonna do another round of jacuzzi again in these, ain't them pretty?

 The romantic ambience in couple room fills the air, with candles lit and rose petals everywhere, it kinda feels like me and Jean were on a honeymoon trip lols. Guess our friendship has boosted up many levels with this romantic arrangements. With serene and peaceful background music playing, this place might be a good getaway/anniversary gifts idea I think. Probably should arrange for my parents' anniversary.

90 minutes of Balinese massage starts with 15 minutes foot bath ritual

Balinese massage is known for its unique long, firm and kneading strokes used by masseuse's lower hand and palm pressure to relives muscles strains, headaches and frayed nerves. I can feel the small bumps of my nerves receded after the therapeutic massage. I can feel my body relaxed and got some really good rest after recharge itself from all the massage movements, I guess I've been traveled and tiring myself for far too long, this Balinese massage session is what my body really needs.

Our facial session uses the luxurious swiss skin care brand - Valmont series

Only one photo of us in the therapy room as we want to fully indulge our senses to this luxurious pampering session

I can't recall how long ago was my last facial session, this rejuvenating facial session using Valmont skincare really lifts up the condition of my face as I can't help but noticed how moisturized and supple my skin are after the massage session. And not to forget, I had a really good nap during the facial session I'm pretty sure I snored hahaha (sorry Jean!). 

Facial treatments of M Spa & Fitness only uses luxurious skin care brands such as Valmont and Pevonia which are both imported from U.S and Swiss. All beauty therapists of M Spa & Fitness has gone through strict beauty product training for respective brands to ensure that customers gets the heavenly pampering session experience. 

Me and Jean's 60 minutes facial and 90 minutes Balinese massage ended with a satisfying relaxed heart, body and soul. Right after we're lead back to the lounge area, we're greeted with these:

Healthy hot ginger tea and fruits! Now I know how to cut watermelon pieces next time

Refreshed and rejuvenated, it's time to conquer the world shall we?
(with our just-wake-up-from-sleep face hahaha)

This fun and relaxing spa treatment can be your experience too as Genting's M Spa & Fitness is now launching a promotion for their spa packages till 31st of December 2016: 
  • Resort Hotel Spa Package priced at RM669 nett for two person:  
Offers a one-night stay in a Deluxe room, buffet breakfast at Coffee Terrace for two, and one hour of massage at M Spa for two. Aroma, Balinese and other massages options are available for guests. 

  • Genting Grand Spa Package priced at RM1,144 nett for two person
entitles the guest to a one-night stay in a Grand Premier room, buffet breakfast at Coffee Terrace for two, and one hour of massage at M Spa for two.

15 stylish treatment rooms with various options of massages can be chosen from the list and I personally thinks that Resort Hotel Spa packages really sounds like a great deal with accommodation, food and massages! A totally stress free 2 days 1 night spa-tacle getaway. Maybe I really should arrange a short trip for my parents eh. 

For more information:

Contact: 03-27181118

Awards and Accolades
Through the years, M Spa & Fitness has been recognized as one of the best spa in Malaysia in numerous awards, such as:
- The Award for Excellence – Best Spa Concept by Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2005-2006.
- HAPA Hotel Spa of the Year by Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2007-2008.
- Best Spa Design (Hotel/Resort) by Malaysia Spa & Wellness Awards 2011.
- HAPA Best 10 in Malaysia - HAPA Indulging Spa of the Year – Tempting Experience (Hotels/Resorts) by Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2013-2015 Malaysia series.

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