Thursday, August 11, 2016

Liar Liar Face On Fire

Recent Pokemon Go has gotten the world in crazy mode it seems like everybody's routine consist of Eat Drink Sleep Pokemon Go and repeat! My group chat has become Pokemon Discussion Group instead lolololol but that's okay because it is fun to catch those Pokemons and try to fill your Pokedex with all the Pokemons you encounter. 

Since my game mode is on I'm super excited to use Elizavecca's Skin Liar Primer:

The packaging is so cute I just can't resist buying it on Althea

Look at this!

The tube is so cute I cannot

Elizavecca's Skin Liar Primer can:
  • cover up uneven and fill irregularities of enlarged pores on face
  • moisturized skin and keeping the smooth skin texture
  • better wear of makeup and last-longer

To be honest, I'm a sucker for cute packaging beauty products and Elizavecca's Skin Liar Primer's packaging totally blew off my mind when I was browsing Althea's website. I just feel like I have to get this and without looking further into the product's description, I placed my order. 

After I checked the ingredients, I was surprised because beside being a primer, this Skin Liar Primer has also whitening and wrinkle improvement function which has gained itself a cosmetic certificate in Korea. In Korean, this primer has another nickname called "Sea Cucumber Primer" because it contains Sea Cucumber extract in it which was also known as Ginseng in the sea. This extract helps protect the skin texture.

Aside of Sea Cucumber extract, this primer contained also Caragana Sinica Root Ferment Extract for healthier skin, Illicium Verum Fruit Extract for skin's vitality and also skin soothing, last but not least Phytosqualane moisturizes skin and boosts skin to a shiny texture.

Light beige fluffy smooth texture

The primer spreads easily on skin and after absorb, skins become fluffy and smooth which make applying concealer and foundation easier than before. Besides, my skin really does look brighter comparing with skin that doesn't have the primer on. The Sea Cucumber Extract absorbs sebum too which make my skin look less oily than before. 

For the first time, I'm actually happy that I made a right decision on this impulsive purchase! Yaysss! With this Skin Liar Primer Imma off to catch some more Pokemons now and who knows my Mr. Right might caught me in my perfect makeup look instead muahahahahaha!

For more information:

Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer on Althea

30ml - RM20


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