Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Smile Even If It Hurts

90% of people who met me in my life will ask me this question: Why don't you go do braces and straighten up your teeth? 

When I was in secondary school, I wasn't someone cheerful and smile as much as I would today. I'm usually the tallest girl in class, hence my seat will always be the last row. Classmates who don't really know me would often refer me as "that cocky girl", because I don't smile often. Why? Because I have low self confidence due to my teeth.

I have crooked teeth, and that's not a secret. At the same time, due to scary memories of childhood being "tortured" throughout the 6 years of my primary school life by dentist and nurses, I've developed Dental Phobia since then and I've never seen one in my life till this day. And back then, there's a lot in the plate for my family, hence I don't wanna burden them with something that's not a "necessity" in life.  Smiling has been something painful to me ever since as I cared too much how people would think about my crooked teeth and awkward smile.

Ever since my crooked teeth became a part of my life, I've been asked numerous of question regarding straighten it, as well as being rejected for modelling jobs. I grew more hatred towards myself because to be honest, I really can't afford doing braces and looking at those top models and influencers on Instagram flaunting their perfectly white teeth, I'm filled with envy. 

Gradually, I gotten over it, I was like: fuck it la! At least I still have my teeth, I can chew and eat delicious food, I should be thankful about it. If I don't have perfect set of straight teeth, I can still do my part take care of them and make them as white as I could. And after read Cheesie's blog post about Too's Smile White Up, I straightaway bought it on the day itself. (the incredible influencing power of top bloggers lololol)

Too's Smile White UP Essence

40 years of approaching in teeth whitening technique, 2 million bottles of this sold and it has caused a teeth-whitening phenomenon in Japan. The reason I bought this without a second thought is it is abrasive-free, bleach free and foaming agent free. It uses the most natural and gentle way: brushing, to clean off stubborn dirts that are stuck on teeth. 

dentist specially designed mini brush to clean off each and every corner of your teeth 

The White Up Essence are mostly made of natural ingredients such as Honeysuckle extract to perform moisture and astringent action, Sodium Polyphosphate to remove stubborn dirt such as tar in cigarette, Sapindus Mukorossi Peel as cleaning agent, Silane extract and pearl powder to give teeth shiny white luster to teeth. 

Another main factor that supports my impulsive purchase decision is because of this "dirty coin experiment", where you can see the stain removed without brushing the coin in just 10 seconds:

Found this stained coin in my piggy bank

just a small drop of Too's Smile White Up Essence on the dirty coin

after I wipe it off, did you see that stain being removed?

Too's Smile White Up Essence really helps in whitening my teeth in just one brush. I can feel the instant white-up effect after brushing and also, extra clean because the mini brush can reach places where regular brushes can't. Without hurting my teeth's natural enamel layer, stains can be removed with gentle brushing and...

I can haz purrfect white teeth nyan!

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Available at SaSa Stores: 5ml - RM118

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