Friday, September 30, 2016

BANNGKOK, Platinum Walk Kuala Lumpur

Peiyue asked me:"Hey, aren't you going to your shopping heaven (she's referring to Bangkok) next year?" I was like.... Erm... Maybe not! Got a tad bit bored with the shopping scenes there because this year marked the third year I've visited Bangkok for shopping and holiday purpose, so better give both Bangkok and me some rest before we got really bored of each other lol. 

Right after our conversation, Peiyue told me that Platinum Walk, Setapak has open up a new Thai restaurant recently and I'm like: Let's go! And here we are, dining at the newest Thai restaurant at Setapak - BANNGKOK. I wonder if this restaurant will awaken the senses of longing for Bangkok, Thailand in me.

Very simple, industrial interior decoration

I really like this mural. So Thailand!

Is this Instagrammable or what!

The interior of BANNGKOK is simple, raw, industrial, very much reminds me highways of Thailand among them industrial areas. Their menu literally covered every Thai food as well as local favourites such as Syrup Bandung and Nasi Bujang. Since it's Thai food night, we literally ordered everything that reminds me of Bangkok, Thailand. 

Cha Yen (Thai Iced Tea), RM5.50

I'm a big fan of authentic cha yen, I can taste the difference between local teh ais and Thai iced tea because of the different ingredients used in making these two different beverages from different nation. BANNGKOK's Cha Yen tasted quite authentic because they used authentic Thai tea leaves as well as Carnation evaporated creamer, tad bit on the sweet side but all is well.

And these are our food choices:

Coconut Tom-Yam Goong, RM14.90

This dish is literally a bowl-made-of-coconut fruit loaded with prawns, coconut meat and dry chillies. Acceptable spiciness level for someone like me who can't take spicy food. Each and every spoonful of soup is literally taste of prawns, which I believe the chef put in a lot of effort boiling the soup to ensure that all the essence of prawns are instilled into this bowl of tom yam goong.

Eggs loaded with Prawns and onions
 White Rice

Minced beef with basil leaves, fried egg and rice 

I forgot to notice the prices of these three dishes, amnesia moment omgfml. They tasted good! Especially my minced beef with basil leaves and fried egg rice. Average portion but with the tom yam soup, it is filling. Was told it will be too hot for people who can't take spicy food but I felt it was fine for me, maybe my tolerance of spicy food intake has gone up? LOL!

Anyway, BANNGKOK really does make me miss Bangkok a little more, but I'm glad that I can find similar authentic Thai food at this restaurant, so yea I shall not travel to Bangkok next year lol (Thailand please don't hate me I'm saving up for Korea and Japan lols). Our total bill for both food and drinks are RM46.

I really love this mural!
Shall be back soon!

For more information:

(located beside Chez Hair Studio)

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