Sunday, September 25, 2016

Garvy's French Dining, Ipoh

When I think of french dining, I would oftern imagine waiters dressed in uniform, serving customers in fluent french and of course, 3 hours over 6 courses. All those romantic movies that taught me about french dining kinda made up that french dining day-dream in me, and finally I'm having my first french dining experience last month.

Well, it's at the least expected place of all that one wouldn't relate to french - Ipoh. lol. 

Garvy's French Dining located at Ipoh

Spacious and well lit

Garvy's French Dining is one of the latest addition of french cuisine at Ipoh town, and it is definitely one of its kind because of its own authentic french chef Romain Fabre and french manager Benoit. Located at one of the busiest road in the city, Garvy's french dining has gain its reputation with authentic french cuisine. 

I'm pretty excited towards this meal when I was told that groupon of Garvy's French Dining was bought, it makes me feel I'm one step closer to my dream vacation - Paris! 

menu for Groupon buyers

Drinks aren't included in the groupon deal, hence we ordered fresh juices.

Soup of the day - Carrot Soup

This tasteful carrot soup is one of my favourite dish on that night! It is tasteful, each and every spoonful is smooth and creamy, it even comes with two pieces of toasted bread. Yums! Pretty much filling after had this whole bowl to myself.

Beef Bourguignon

I kinda think it taste funny of this beef bourguignon as the beef cubes are although tender, but they tasted bland, as if the taste of the sauces couldn't soaked into it due to short time of cooking. I guess the highlight of the dish was the mash potatoes but I would really love to pair it with the sauce if only it were more tastier.

Chicken Milanaise

Chicken chop-ish rice on the groupon menu, but I couldn't really recall the taste but I kinda remember it was dry and not-attractive enough for me to want another spoonful from it.

Chicken Breast and Mushroom Cream, RM22.90

Extra ordered this dish and it tasted exceptionally good! The sauce, the soft chicken meat are all on point! Which made me regret so much my choice! (maybe I should go for the mushroom spaghetti? I don't know but definitely not beef bourguignon.)

Well, we certainly took our own sweet time to finish all the main courses due to some of the dishes really requires extra effort for us to down it, really living the life of long-hours french dining thing. Guess I can cross "local french dining experience" off my bucket list now lol.

And our groupon-french dining ended with these super duper sweet desserts that none of us can enjoy it fully lol.  


Apple Tatin

Probably I should go back someday and have the chicken breast with mushroom sauce again! C'est delicieux!

For more information:

Garvy's French Dining Official Website

Garvy's French Dining Official Facebook Page

Business Hour:
11:00 - 14:00
18:00 - 22:00
11:00 - 15:00
18:00 - 22:0

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