Thursday, September 8, 2016

P.S. Tōkyō, SS2, Petaling Jaya

What's the food that comes into your mind when Tokyo is mentioned? Ramen? Sushi? Or like what P.S. Tokyo is serving - Matcha soft serve? Finally get to visit this hype dessert shop located at SS2 with a bunch of "earth signs" friends after we had dinner at ramen shop nearby. 

Come to think of it, was that night a Japanese-themed night? Everything we ate were so Japanese lol. Since all of us never tried P.S. Tokyo's dessert before, it will be fun exploring the new (to me) dessert place I guess.

Calvin photobombed my shot -_-"

located at 1st floor, P.S. Tokyo's interior is more towards Japanese modern minimalism style

Since it's a Japanese themed dessert shop, maneki neko and Kaonashi from Spirited Away are the perfect decoration!

Had some really hard time to decide what to order at the counter. I'm really not a big fan of ice cream as I find that the more I eat ice cream, the thirstier I become, hence I really don't understand why ice cream can be labelled as summer dessert, I feel so dehydrated after one lol. In the end instead of drinks, I decided to order a parfait just because this shop is famous for its soft serve. 

Calvin's milk soft serve - RM9.90

My milk parfait - RM15.90

I once broke a glass when scooping out a very hard piece of chocolate cake from a parfait (at another shop), I can't stop laughing after they serve me a brand new glass of parfait which I'm trying very hard to finish it all by my own and ever since then, eating parfait is like a joke to me I just can't stop laughing remembering what I've done. I have no idea why I ordered milk parfait at P.S. Tokyo, probably because I'm attracted to the word - milk!

Their milk soft serve tasted milky but not as smooth as some other soft serve in the market, and P.S. Tokyo's soft serve seems to be on a sweeter note. There are fruit loops in the bottom of my cup of parfait, and after the milk soft serve melted in the cup, I felt like I'm having breakfast selection for supper lol.

Clounie's Kinako Latte - RM13.90

Kinako (Roasted Soybean Flour) latte is available in this dessert shop. This is my first time heard of Kinako Latte, apparently it only available in Japan as this is one of their food culture. Its roasted taste isn't really to my liking tho. 

Jean's Joo no Set - RM25.90
consist of Salted Matcha Pie, 3 Macarons and Genmaicha Tea

Not a big fan of matcha hence I didn't try Jean's Joo no Set at all. If you're really into Japanese food culture such as matcha, I guess P.S. Tokyo is a nice hang out place as the place is quite spacious with pretty wooden and steel furnitures, decent dessert selections too. 

And did you know there's a printer available for customers to print photos taken at P.S. Tokyo which are shared on Instagram? In order to print the photos, you need to insert the hashtag #pstokyo, the PC will detect and print the photos on the spot! We took quite a few funny shots despite we all think ourselves look like shit that night. It was fun hanging out with this bunch of earth signs (Virgo and Taurus) people who talk nonsense for the whole night lol. Thanks for the laugh guys!

Taken using Clounie's camera. 

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For more information:

Business Hour: 12p.m. - 12a.m.

 Contact: +60 3-7497 8074

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