Monday, September 26, 2016

Studded Kiss

When Peiyue was in the States, she asked me what would I want as souvenir, then I told her that I don't really need anything and guess what? She got me Kat Von D's Studded Kiss lipsticks! Plural! I got so elated when I received all the souvenirs she got me and I'm gonna share with you the lipsticks in this blog post. 

Everything is Oh-So-Sexy!

She got me the Kat Von D classic lipstick colour - Lolita and another darker shade - Piaf. She told me she was standing there facing over 30 colours of lipsticks in front of her and she's not sure what colours I like. And she remembered I just blogged about it and she checked on my blog post and got me these two babies!

Engraved Kat Von D logo on the lipstick
Everything is on point!

Studded Kiss lipsticks are pigment rich, long-wearing and I love it so much for having apply it for once and never needed to re-apply it for a really long time, even after food consuming. Felt like it's totally made for girls like me who are lazy to touch up makeups. lol.

As you know Lolita is classic Kat Von D shade, I put it on when I'm feeling more feminine and Piaf when I'm feeling more badass. It is velvety soft and smooth upon application and I love how my lips are moisturized after the lipstick application too. Mwah. 

Piaf - Cool Chocolate with Purple Shimmer

Lolita -  Classic Matte Dusty Rose coloured for more feminine touch

These lipsticks are instantly become my favourite! Thank you so much Peiyue for getting these for me. You know me so well! xoxo

For more information:

Kat Von D Official Website

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Jean said...

she knows your colour. hehehe~