Friday, September 23, 2016

The Parque Cafe, EcoWorld Kota Kemuning, Selangor

Went for a one day trip at Kota Kemuning during the long weekend holiday (because me, Clounie, Bryan and Fei got no better place to go for holiday lols), and finally visited the Jay-Chou-MV-inspired glasshouse cafe at EcoWorld Eco Sanctuary Kota Kemuning. There's one located at Kepong which is nearby my area but I never give it a thought to visit, why is it so? lol. 

Very dreamy right?

You can't park inside the premise, hence you gotta park your car at the car park area located opposite, then wait for buggy car to come pick you up and send you straight to the entrance of The Parque Cafe. Sounds a bit fussy but the buggy car service is actually very frequent and will even wait for you. Hence it's a breeze and so fun to ride a buggy car with your friends.

We had our lunch before heading to the cafe, so we're just there to enjoy the architecture, ambience alongside with our afternoon tea plus a book (for me) and small talks.

small but lovely interior

simple one page menu

Beautiful chairs beside the glass window but the heat is unwelcoming

Although it was a public holiday, to our surprise there aren't much customers at The Parque Cafe. Hence we managed to secure a seat at another glasshouse that's just located beside the main glasshouse cafe. Cozy and cold (small sqft area but with strong air-conditioning) and literally owning the space to ourselves, everything was on point (probably except my drink lmao).

Clounie's Caffe Latte, RM10.90

 Fei's Rose Latte, RM12.80

Bryan's Long Black, RM7.90

And my instagrammable but taste bad The Parque Signature, RM16.90

Everything tasted okay except for my drink - The Parque Signature which consist of cafe mocha, whipped cream and strawberry syrup, which is tad bit strong tasting and sweet to my liking. Then we spent some time talking, some time going blank, and most of the time taking silly photos because Clounie brought her camera along that day which has wifi-remote control.  

Trying to take "act natural but good looking" photos and.... we failed lol

Overall, The Parque Cafe is a special place to hang out due to its secured, relaxing environment. If you're bored after sitting in the cafe for quite some time, you can always go over to the show houses and visit and I tell you, it was so much fun visiting those show houses as you may be dreaming of how you gonna decorate those rooms and who knows maybe there'll be your dream come true.

I wonder how The Parque Cafe looks like at night 

Fun outing with them, lotsa silly conversations

I am super curious about the other glass house cafe located at Kepong now as I wanted to see how it will look like during night time. Probably my plan for another long weekend that's coming on the beginning of October lol. 

For more information:

Business Hour:
Mon-Fri: 12:00 - 20:00
Sat-Sun: 10:00 - 22:00

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