Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Halloween

It's Halloween weekend and what are you guys gonna dress up as? Last year was fun when I was invited to a few parties with friends on the Halloween week and it was crazy! I dressed up as both Annabelle and Joker (Heath Ledger version!) and it was epic!

Still remembering all the fun we had last year~

Last year marks the first year I'm celebrating Halloween and I totally went full force on dressing up! However when it comes to this year, I had an early celebration of Halloween with Sunway Lagoon as me and my friends were invited to Nights of Fright 4 this year!

Check out my video of that awesome spooky night. ( The video have to stop halfway because I forgot to press record for the rest of the night really FML.) Well, another good reason for you to explore the fun Sunway Lagoon has installed for you guys so I don't spoil all the fun lol.

(How many spooky characters you saw in the video?)

So here's a full map of the whole team park decorated in Halloween theme gonna be like, you really have to face your fears anytime anywhere as you won't know what awaits you at that corner you're turning into...

Creative pumpkin carvings, pretty inspiring tho

Who's there wailing?

Zombie Apocalypse

This fella actually looks cute tho! hahaha

Met China Emperor in the theme park some more!

Since I'm a big fan of horror and thriller movies, I find it amusing to be in a theme park with ghosts and zombies roaming around, I bet it's gonna be all-time-high if you were to visit Sunway Lagoon this weekend!

Nights of Fright 4 at Sunway Lagoon is priced RM58 per person till 31st of October! Are you ready to face your fears and being tested as how I faced mine and survived?

For more information:

Hours: 7:30 - 11:30p.m.

Strictly for 12 years old and above

Sunway Lagoon Nights of Fright 4 Website

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