Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ISETAN The Japan Store - Fashion

Went to the private preview of ISETAN - The Japan Store and I'm seriously blown away by what this brand new ISETAN had in store for all the people that love Japanese goods! It is seriously insane as I keep on "woah" at every corner and awesome stuff just keep popping up in front of me and never stops! 

Took so many photos on that day and I was thinking how should I post these up as over 100+ photos in one post is literally crazy for burdening ones data, so I decided to break them down into sections so it's more easier for both you and me to explore bits and pieces of this whole new ISETAN that is launching on 27th of October 11a.m. onwards!

Fashion department located at both G Floor and 1st Floor of this newly refurbished ISETAN. Its bright, spacious and unique interior design compliments each and every section of the fashion section. Polite shop assistant giving you genuine smile alongside with 90 degree greeting bow, I felt as if I've arrived Japan!

To my surprise, so many awesome brands are included in ISETAN's The Japan Store brand new concept and we no longer have to go to other countries to get these awesome designers stuff anymore. Jean literally listen to all my wows and woahs throughout the fashion department I bet she felt annoyed at some levels lol. 

These are the brands that's available in ISETAN: 


Yohji Yamamoto

omgomgomgomg hyperventilating*

Comme des Garçons

Yuima Nakazato

I think I just found my dream purse!



Madstore Undercover



Various Japanese designer brand goods:

And then there's this Little Harajuku section that sells all sort of pretty lolita, kawaii, exotic design clothes: Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Metamorphose, Triple Fortune, Royal Princess Alice, Enchantlic Enchantilly... Reminds me of those good ol'times when I'm fascinated by Gothic and Lolita apparel. Too bad I'm too old for all these T_T

Then there's poison for guys too~

GUNDAM x Mastermind JAPAN Apparel Collaboration

More casual homely feel Japanese brand apparels


my poison as well!

Last but not least:


Who knew Isetan's signature tartan pattern can become products and look as good as other branded goods!

These photos definitely doesn't do the fashion department justice. Me and Jean literally explore each and every corner of ISETAN and I can't help myself but keep thinking I wanna buy this and that, planning how to use up my future salary already lololol. All the imported goods makes me wanna buy them home! 

3 hours is definitely not enough even though we're on a private preview session. There are 5 floors and soon to be 6 floors (top floor is gonna be premium dining area), each and every floors are designed according to the four aesthetics senses and divided into five lifestyle. You can see the spirit of Japanese in each of every corner of this brand new store, and that is something delightful to have in our city to improve both our economy as well as the way of life.

For more information:

Business hour: 11a.m. - 9 p.m.

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