Friday, October 21, 2016


It's been a while since my last update. Well, nothing specially happened in particular, I'm just busy catching up with my new job, my life, my health, friends and family members. I guess everyone of us will have this transition period from time to time, and mine so happened to be now. 

As I was literally feeling stuck in my life for many aspects, my boss asked me to assist in a photoshoot yesterday and the location that we went kinda make me feel the vastness and beauty of life itself it somewhat soothes me and my soul.

I went on and took some photos then edited them in VSCO mainly preset C1 and F2 filter with some minor adjustments in clarity. 

The vastness of this universe is unexplainable with words and how does it we felt so stuck with things are literally so small that we felt our whole world collapsed? Are we so full with ourselves and our doings that we literally can't see anything else other than just us?

These photos merely contain a fraction of how I felt when I was at the location itself, and I hope somehow you too are able feel the beauty in them and may these bring peace to your heart and calm your soul, just like how they did with mine.