Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy 10th Anniversary, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

In one shot! Actually my blog's anniversary was in October but heck I really don't have time to do a proper blog post for it! Really can't believe how time flies and all my blog entries throughout all these years just keep on accumulating and here I am, typing this blog post, feeling grateful for able to keep my blog running for 10 freaking years! Finally there's something I can keep doing without quitting lol (bucket list crossed!)

Talking about feeling grateful, what can be more expressive than handmade greeting cards to show your love ones how much you cherish their existence in your life? I like handcrafted gifts with personal touch, I made my parents cards and friends birthday cards, and I hope they feel the love I have for them from the bottom of my heart.

Christmas is just less than a month away, I guess it's a perfect time to start making things with own hands and show love to others. Here are the simple materials I use for making Christmas greetings card. Gosh I really do love Christmas season so much!

Blank greeting card paper
Water Colours
Spangle Sequins
Pencil (not in picture lol)

And that's about it, easy peasy right? Here we go!

Fold card into half

Draw a Christmas tree on the outer side of paper
Make sure the side of the tree are drawn connected at the folding side of the card

Start painting

More colours

Glitter colours are my favourite

Start decorating the tree!

Apply glue at each end of the spangle sequins and glue it to the side of the tree

Add more details

Cut out christmas tree
Remember: Don't cut the folding part as it is connected to keep two pages intact

Last but not least, write your wishes inside the card and voila!

Simple materials, short time period of making, this is the perfect start for something beautiful that warms the heart of your friends and family. I hope you enjoy this simple greeting card making tutorial I've prepared for you in conjunction of my blog's 10th year anniversary and also my favourite season of the year.

Thank you Spotlight Stores for the spangle sequins that inspired me to make this greeting card and decorate with it. Head over to Spotlight stores to get more ideas and sparks your creativity this holiday season!

Probably I should off to prepare tutorial for Chinese New Year greetings card right now. lol.