Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Product Review: Veet Sensitive Touch

If eyes are windows to soul, then eyebrows should be the window frame and it is essentially important to create a good looking ones without excessive spending( eyebrow waxing that cost almost hundred? Sounds like not a good financial planning to me). With everchanging fashion style like mine, I need something more practical that can change my eyebrows whenever and however I want. 

And yes, I believe Veet has heard all of us yearning for it and it has launched its all new eyebrow game (and painless hair removal) device called:

Veet Sensitive Touch

This innovative electronic killer is the latest device for girls who are into d.i.y eyebrows and hair removals without heading to wax center to get it all done. Designed for delicate body areas such as eyebrows, underarms and bikini lines, its special blades are created for precise trimming and without touching the skin directly, it is totally no risk of cuts!

Eyebrow trimmers, hair trimmers and combs
Adjust hair lengths as you how you want it

Just put in an AA battery and it's ready to go!

I love how easy it is to trim my desired eyebrows shape without having the fear that I will over-trimmed it or unbalance length. I can now change my eyebrows from edgy type to bohemian/korean anytime I want! (I just have to not trim my eyebrows for 2 weeks and change the shape!) No fear of cuts, easy to maneuver, no irritation on skins and such, I have just found my favourite device.

For more information:

Veet Malaysia Facebook Page

Retails at RM119.90 at major pharmacies nationwide and online retailers

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